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Kill Shot Bravo is one of the most popular shooter games that has been designed to be played from the first person perspective, specifically for mobile devices. It’s time to take up arms and show your best! You will have to arm yourself with deadly weapons, submachine guns, machine guns, as well as super new developments in the military equipment industry. With all this, you will need to complete secret missions and tasks! It’s time to show your best!

List of CodesExpiration date
4TIYB23NMLUAugust 25, 2022
NMSAUCZ5P4July 25, 2022
FHAP8DN6VAugust 28, 2022
XIHO9124DFKAugust 25, 2022
1E9JLUXCNDG4August 6, 2022
16TYL5324X0July 28, 2022

You will own the role of an experienced fighter who has undergone the necessary training. You will be entrusted with secret missions in different parts of our planet. It will be necessary to do everything in order to destroy the malicious enemies who seek to disrupt peace throughout the Earth.

You have to visit both the jungle and the Mediterranean islands. The whole world will need your help. To win, you will need to use different combat techniques and different tactics. You have the power to completely change the course of the battle. Nobody can do it better than you!

By carrying out breakthrough missions, you will be able to break into the occupied territory. You will need to demonstrate your strength, courage and steadfastness even in the most dangerous situations.

You will have to fight with different enemies. They will have different strengths and have unique skills. You need to find an individual approach to everyone, and make a mortal wound.

All fights can be played in real time using the PVP mode. To detect the enemy, a thermal sensor was specially developed, which will definitely help you in the battle. As soon as the target is found, boldly shoot, because every second matters. Be extremely accurate and fast, and then the victory will definitely be yours!

To achieve even better results, you have the opportunity to create alliances with other players. You can become a real support for each other. Communication between players is carried out using chat.

The avatar can be customized based on personal preference. Only you can choose what uniform your hero will be equipped with! Each victory will bring new sensations and emotions!

The game contains a general leaderboard, the first line in which you can take! Kill Shot Bravo is for those over 17 years old.

Download ( V10.5 )
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