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King of Thieves is a fun multiplayer game where you can make great heists. Go to the treasury with other players and steal everything that is not nailed down. Gold and gems are particularly desirable loot, but these treasures are usually hard to come by. There can be a lot of traps in the dungeons of other people’s castles, so carefully plan each step and be always on the lookout.
Do not forget about the protection of your treasures, otherwise everything acquired by overwork will instantly go into the hands of another thief. In a single company, 80 levels await you to test your ingenuity and dexterity. Join thieves’ guilds and plot new insidious crimes together with your accomplices. If your thieves are no strangers to fashion, dress them in the most elegant costume to convey all the subtleties of their leader’s style – then you can stand out from thousands of other criminals in this amazing game.
Game Features:

King of Thieves
 Gift Codes (2023 February) 2.57.1
All Codes Expiration date
WRKAB63HXEN February 18, 2023
6AN9KY1P3I February 11, 2023
0B7GJF42D February 19, 2023
E34GHA68UZ0 January 23, 2023
NSXOIB6853VH January 24, 2023
FOWI59QVRA6 January 20, 2023
5E269XRBJ07 January 22, 2023
FB70HKJ8G9 January 7, 2023
AUVTXPR6G February 10, 2023
29RXQ0MBAUK January 14, 2023
QMDLBK8VSXHT March 5, 2023
S9VWOQ07M63 January 27, 2023
  • various strategies;
  • countless treasures;
  • powerful spells;
  • funny characters;
  • colorful graphics.

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