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King Rivals: War Clash – PvP strategy is a game filled with magic and lots of interesting moments. You can open a new level of strategies about rivalry between various races.

King Rivals: War Clash – PvP Strategy
 Promo Codes (2023 February) 1.3.4
All Codes Expiration date
C4GJXD8P9IQ January 7, 2023
31HUVPRILO January 29, 2023
Q43F58PHN January 24, 2023
9WXOU31RDQT January 1, 2023
N1LTW9F7XSDI January 1, 2023
IEPB5NR3JGL January 10, 2023
JEYRVG5XUWP February 26, 2023
J26FE7S01C December 30, 2022
I8ENP0TCH January 15, 2023
V0ZLYA4SFRB February 11, 2023
5KUWJA8CRGH1 February 9, 2023
VS7LOH95MPJ January 26, 2023

For more than one century, a deep war has been going on between the races in this fantastic land. Humans compete with orcs, undead kill elves. Naturally, local residents and the lands themselves suffer from this, because they are destroyed by warriors. The planet is full of different environments, such as mysterious volcanoes, deadly hollows, mysterious dark forests and much more. Everywhere there are rulers and characters. Everyone wants to take over the whole world and stand at the head of its administration in order to extol only their own laws. Now you will be drawn into this large-scale and insane event. In the process of King Rivals: War Clash – PvP strategy, two players from any world are selected. they converge in a deadly fight kingdom for kingdom. Choose the best warriors for yourself and put their magic against your opponent. Game features

  • More than forty original and powerful heroes;
  • Multi-level system of fights;
  • Battles in PvP mode;
  • Battles for trophies and rewards to get to the top.

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