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Kingdom Chronicles: Free is an exciting medieval world where you have to reclaim the throne from an unjust tyrant. Magic and army will help you defeat evil forever.

Kingdom Chronicles: Free Codes (2022 December) 2022.2.254
List of Codes Expiration date
GNUIQC9O2TH September 1, 2022
S1D07HA9MT August 23, 2022
H84D3XRF2 August 14, 2022
XUBERM7PL1V September 5, 2022
DYPVZBH0TF8X August 17, 2022
TQ48369O2Z0 August 28, 2022

In this Android game you’ll have to play the role of John, a simple guy who has been wandering for a long time and now decided to return to his native land. After learning that his country is ruled by a terrible evil king, John mustered all his courage and courage to win. Devoted warriors will help you to enter into a great struggle with the enemy. To do this, build villages and cities, use magic items to achieve your goals. The game has a lot of quest tasks, by solving which you will find secret artifacts to search for the princess. Fight for order, solve mysteries, acquire special magical skills to save your kingdom and build new cities!

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