Codes New - Updated on December 29, 2022

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics war is an addictive mobile strategy game that takes you to the chic fantasy world of the Loras continent. Participate in turn-based tactical battles by moving your heroes across hexes. Gorgeous visual effects and optimally selected music make every battle bright and addictive. Select characters based on their skills, form a team strategy and try it in different game modes. Find the best runes for your heroes to make them even stronger and more powerful.

Kingdom of Heroes :Tactics war
 Discount Codes (2023 February) 3.05.001
All Codes Expiration date
IUJMFD7XHRA January 30, 2023
O4F632IYGK January 21, 2023
4Y85ADPBJ February 26, 2023
G7KM3CHA2I0 January 10, 2023
YAL4V2KGDQPS January 29, 2023
U3HZ64LCDXT January 16, 2023
YC8IG3LDX94 January 1, 2023
HMLFOI7BX3 February 13, 2023
79OLM80CX February 15, 2023
RMDI8HN6LB2 January 30, 2023
M1VQ7ZELHI3A February 8, 2023
MG09YDFK6SB January 1, 2023

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