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Kingdom Quest – Idle Game is an idle game. Therefore, it will not require too much manipulation of the participants in the battle. You will simply sit back and profit from matches and matches played out correctly. The game offers prospects a very effective identification. You can be the commander of an army of the strongest warriors in the fantasy world.

Act now to satisfy worthy competitors. Be part of a special storyline with mind-blowing associations. Satisfy your hunger to fight and have a higher quality of life. Make good achievements in the Kingdom Quest world. Your journey has only just begun with empty fingers. Using a lot of facts you can get this completeness.

Kingdom Quest

Idle play style

As an idle game, the game has a rich score. From playing with much less exposure than avid gamers. With special battle modes and combat mechanics. Potential people could feel the atmosphere boiling precisely in battle. Account of idle games often considers the feelings of avid gamers. As long as you stick with it long-term, it’s supposed to be a pleasant amount.

Battle based on

Kingdom Quest lets you participate in turn-based battles. As an illustration, in the event your side attacks, the next flip can be your opponent’s turn. For the power to help you achieve better results when following the mechanism. Then it’s best to know how to place your champions intelligently. Entering in the blank is the same as calculating the mechanism. It will help you and your warrior reach the maximum amount of health.


As for the idle part, it’s impossible to imagine the rewards changing hands. Potential customers can get quite a lot of incentives and rewards while having fun. From finishing the mission or going to clone, stopping the boss. Any amount of time you spend will yield abundant resources. Similarly, participants have an abundant amount of cash to buy and strengthen heroes.

Download ( V1.3.5 )
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