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Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is now keeping all using the globe! The kingdom is an MMORPG with most likely essentially the most ruthless open-world PVP! Be a part of us on this blood pact and battle with avid gamers from 150 nations all around the world! Mannequin New Class [Lancer] opinions for obligation! Under her cute Lolita look is a brave lancer who wields the spear and dominates the battlefield! Alongside her sturdy harm, low cost, and extreme HP, she has the facility to buff her teammates, which makes her helpful in every assault and safety in PvP!

Kingdom The Blood Pledge Mod APK 1.00.20 (Free Shopping)

Sigh. I'm just gonna give it one star because i haven't played it before. But when i downloaded this app, it took one million years before it left the loading screen, i was like cool maybe its because it is first time loading. But then it started "updating downloaded resources" this took more than 3gb data and 3 times full charge of my phone and still haven't completed. I knew i would've liked this game and wanted to play it. Please put the amount of data it takes inside the game. I'll be back.. Need more freebies hahaha, thanks for the freebies by the way, so far the game was good, it need more players.. Its a very good game sir..keep it up. As long as the mind is moving, it will always find something to munch on. When you rest, mine begins to devour itself. ZERO customer service and email company with no replys. not a good company. wouldnt recommended this game to anyone.. Stuck on loading pet . Loading gear . Loading transmog.

The never-ending circle of loading...can't even get to main menu.... Couldn't play the bloody game. What the hell?! Failed to connect login servers.. I like efun games though the only 'playing' required here is equipping gear, setting macros, accepting next quest, and claiming rewards. Has very nice graphics. Character movement is very slow. Cannot change camera angles or use a 'free camera'. Nice Character selection though gender locked.. Won't even let me past the title screen smh. this very good but idk my connection or you server lag is to hard for login.

This is super good game you must try to experience the best game ever in the whole universe.. Over 4k hours over a year later and still play and love this game.. After update cannot connect to server. Keeps loading to title screen but keeps loading. Like Bryan nall said. Also have to manually grant permission for storage usage instead of popping up on the screen.. Game looks nothing like the pictures. Do better please..

Quintessentially a waste of gigabytes downloaded when the game itself won't even get past the loading screen, the game is unplayable.. its good it looks like lineage 1 kr. Could not log on beyond the load screen waiting about 10 mins before finally quitting am going to uninstall look like interested game now never know. Most of the time when you log in you stock to loading screen even I have a good connection wasting my time to relogin everytime, don't play this game you gonna waste your money and time. Does not start up running on tablet no system check .

Well the install went fine, but it doesn't go past the loading Gear, pet, Trasmorg Circle greeting. It's not my phone. I have 4 gigs of ram and over 40 gigs free. Plus I have 3 other games over a gig that run with no loading issues. This game stays on the loading screen for over 5 minutes without showing a change in progress.. Cant get it to go past loading icon when launching app. Android 11 is being used.... Every time I write a review it gets deleted nice. stay away from this game its p2w af graphics like from 20 years ago.also deleting reviews just proves devs don't care.complete garbage. Can even start the damn game, for it doesn't allow me to either name the character nor display them... Fix the damn loading.Wont load for nothing..

Why this game even still alife. I cant even play it its all loading screen and nothing! Tried to do everything like reinstall and still the same. What is happening i just download it i start the stream on youtube and when i try to log in they say i was banned on ip..minus 100 get ban on ip before to start thats crazy. Cool ilike it nice hard crafting. Won't even let you set up an account.

Big fixes?Hah just a classic joke you can't even enter the game all it says is maintaining maintain what?MY TIME?!?!. Can't download...just loads more and more and on and on. Plss... Not gender lock. I really like female warrior. And have some customization character.. If I could I would give 0stars just downloaded this game and could'nt even play waited for a hour to download on play store and now another hour to update files for the game I just downloaded VERY DISSAPOINTED...!!!!. Wow..REALLY..AFTER OPEN 2 SLOT &3 CHARACTER LEVEL when open it back only 1 CHARACTER WITH LVL 20..that some BIG BUG PROBLEM..

So I decided to give this game another try and so I did, but when I enter the game still stuck on loading screen for so long any developer wanting to fix this??. Tried the game. Questing as newbie to lvl 15. Killed by high lvl player. Lose my gear and 5% exp. It seems they dont want new player on the game.. Graphics are cool , the game is so slow. The character movement is very slow too. Idk I can't bare something so slow.. Stuck on loading screen, doesn't work.. This game has and old school grind upgrading system pets and transmog.

for years one important thing for mmo's is the damage!! we cant see what damage we done in 2021 mmo!!Also you have sucsses at transmog great image and you destroy it with 2 stupid transmog with glasses plz put at least what transmog outfit we want to wear. Couldn't even make a character fix this shifty game. Few player and lots of bots. Godly item in sold in shop. 0.0 drop rate this is pay to win.. wasting time. Game is fun but lvl xp is slow.

Don't even bother! Devs only interested in money and not fixing any reported problems. The drops are dispicable and ridiculously low. I'm a grinder so it's not about grinding it's the fact that when ur in a dungeon for 3 days same spot and the only drop ur getting is hp pots then that's when I say forget this game. Numerous time I have put in support about the target button not working properly. Nothing been done all they do in maintenance is bring in new stuff for you to spend money.. this game doesnt open on my device help. It's fun give you something to do when there isn't anything. This game is EXTREMELY unbalanced. Where most games have 3 major pillars, effort/skill/RNG, to help support an even growth rate of each character. This game adds a fourth pillar, P2W, that breaks that balance. On the world server there is such a disparity due to P2W that one person can kill everyone in 3 guilds while still killing a boss with his alts. If you are ok with spending a few thousand dollars on a game to get you up to a level to even play this game then whale out.. Biraz fazla zaman gerektiren ve gelimesi gereken bir oyun ama bence gelecei var.

Didn't even get the chance to play installed the game got to the loading screen then after a few minutes the game closes it's self. Fix the loading 2minutes before i play. Doesn't even work the game doesn't load left it to load for about 10-20 minutes and it was still loading. Don't waste your time installing. (Whoever gave this game 5 stars probably are friends or knows the person that made it cuz it didn't load for half the ppl that gave it one star. Imagine.). Loading gear, loading pet, loading transmog? Wth?. so i figured time to update this anyways ones character felt to slow movement speed wise(especially the assasasin)i mean when a reganed class can take 3 or 4 pot shots at you just for you to get up to them and you are meant to be an assasasin that's kinda bad, so i would not be surprised if the meta is just pick a ranged class(knights might do ok being defensive) so yeah this game just ain't quite my thing.

Worst game ever...preregistered for it and then it launches and low and american server... tires again ... game repeatedly closes on its own... and ain't nothing wrong with my phone... incredibly disappointed -_-. Would not load after I installed ! I uninstalled and I'm over this game !. why this is invalid name I hate your game. Old school feel. Will put you to sleep. First thing that popped up wasn't a tutorial, it was the cash shop screen.. AMPANGIT netong larong to, droprate ambaba,walang skill quests, dapat pulutin sa mobs, tapos ung mobs 1/1,000,000 ang chances na mag drop ng item or skill.Ikaw na magdodownload neto, wag ka na magsayang ng oras mo dito..

The hell did I just play?. Game is another p2w. Constant server disconnects, and a 100% auto grind game. There are no bosses, there are no co-op fights. This game is flat out boring.. Tedious gameplay. Auto plays itself for the most part. It just feels so basic, like nothing about it stands out. It doesn't really engage the player. Just not fun to play.. Cant rate game because game wouldnt load for me. But from comments from others, doesnt look like it will last long anyway. still new and many room to improve more but gameplay is solid.

Dumb game ever did u need 1 year for making a character name??. Give up. Its not even loading. Very smooth game and nice graphics. Its 21 sentury ... and someone makes the games like this ?!?!? .... no - sereosly ?!?! . Dont waste your time.. Always loading.#.garbage game.

Nothing special. Just auto game. Nothing end game challenging.. Waste of time dont DL this game.. 5 stars overall BUT will surely goes down and uninstall it if they add more P2W STUFF. P2w game if u wish to spend thousand than u will enjoy the game it's not for me. Good game its really fun., but need improvement.. Like giving a trading system.

its a good game overall. but needs to grind hard to get ur item... Pretty good auto questing is the only downside. Same old, same old, nothing new, same money grab after all!. Always under maintenance does not go any further then that. Need to put hp bar on any boss. Item Drop rate is too low, Need to add this to the game to atleast meet the expectation of the player. But overall its a nice and decent game..

p2w but other then that pretty good. Another auto play. Waste of effort..

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