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Kingdom Wars is a large-scale medieval strategy in which you need to defeat new opponents every day. There is nothing easier than getting comfortable with managing such a strategy and building your own great company.

Kingdom Wars
 Codes Wiki (2022 December) 2.4.0
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CA7NOKEMRQV October 27, 2022
X6473ZS1KN November 21, 2022
DKN6URYT7 November 12, 2022
YE6UJ2SHGFP November 21, 2022
50ADNPQ2W4LO November 10, 2022
D4JWC62839X November 1, 2022
6PFXI10HN38 December 3, 2022
OKU782XGZ6 November 21, 2022
7U2TZCFAX November 17, 2022
U2HWIF5DZTR November 17, 2022
7ODV1BHGCYKE November 29, 2022
801VSEGUFN3 November 18, 2022

Even if you are new to the mobile genre, it will not be difficult for you to participate in this exciting strategy game. Its management is really very easy to get used to and learn how to act correctly in order to defeat the best warriors of the Middle Ages. Kingdom Wars focuses only on the individual strategy of users, which helps to move forward and hone their skills in battles every time. Engage in an epic and breathtaking war where an army of knights will want to keep their throne and take over new territories around the world. Call legendary characters to war and then your Kingdom will definitely not suffer. The game uses a huge number of characters, as well as levels of gameplay. Once in the world of Kingdom Wars, you will easily get used to the rules and be able to destroy your rivals one by one. Move across new locations and seize power over this vast world. Kingdom Wars – medieval wars For the passage of more than four hundred amazing stages, you can spend an incredible amount of time and enjoy the process in a new way with each new level. Make alliances with characters and heroes around the world to form whole alliances, and then it will be easier to engage in battles with the legends of the medieval world. The gameplay of Kingdom Wars can include up to a hundred allies who together can go a very long way. Pick up a huge amount of treasures and gold that will help you develop and enrich your empire. There are no restrictions on the ideas of strategy or tactics, so players can give free rein to their imagination.

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