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A novelty in the strategy genre from the category of those from which it will be unrealistic to break away. You should definitely try downloading Kingdoms of Heckfire for Android and take part in a magnificent war. Engage in the construction of your own large-scale army of legendary heroes, and then conduct constant training. This game is full of crazy feeling and multifunctional features. You will be able to grow a huge Dragon on your own, which will help you win every next battle. Turn your combat power into legendary and use super effective tactics against enemies in the multiplayer global game mode.

Kingdoms of Heckfire
Promo Codes (September 2022) 2.26
All CodesExpiration date
VAK1J67FXO2October 23, 2022
1NJM83WIP7October 22, 2022
JS20P9RO3October 20, 2022
G6TFO31IZKBOctober 29, 2022
8KE21QBO3AHJNovember 13, 2022
QNC4PZF2A3RNovember 17, 2022

If you download Kingdoms of Heckfire for Android, then the following original features will open:

  • A huge map of the virtual world that can be explored for a very long time:
  • Global multiplayer game mode, where other players and monsters will take part with you;
  • Beautiful graphics created on an innovative engine;
  • A wide variety of combat units, where there are Dragons, monsters and legendary warriors;
  • Creation of clans and alliances to continue participating together in raids;
  • Powerful battles with epic Bosses.

Bosses and monsters united Equip your own kingdom and turn it into a powerful base. Try to fortify all sides of your kingdom so that no monster can infiltrate. As soon as you master the first team of monsters, try to come up with your own unique strategy, and it will definitely help you win over your rivals. Ahead of the players are waiting for large-scale territories on the map, where it will be possible to engage in research and search for new enemies. Among them may be powerful titans, monsters or just cool Bosses, get ready for these adventures.

Download ( V2.26 )
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