APK - Updated on January 18, 2023

Tired of a toy about angry birds, but do you like the concept itself? Your attention is an exciting analogue – Knock Down.

Knock Down  MOD APK (Last Update) 4.1.6

In this game, you need to knock down boxes from various platforms using a slingshot and prickly balls. The principle of the game is very similar, but the graphics will certainly please you. Funny balloons that you sometimes want to send in correspondence instead of emoticons, funny faces of boxes. It is them that you have to move in order to win.

In Knock Down you are invited to go through 45 different levels, which are distinguished by their uniqueness and dynamism. Knock Down sounds simple, but it really is. The gameplay is quite fast, each level can be overcome quite briskly. Of course, there will be “hard nuts”, but success in them depends on the skills and experience of the player himself. In general, everything is really simple: we put the ball in a slingshot, aim, try on more precisely and send a prickly projectile into flight!

In the game you will be dealing with real physics, so don’t expect the prickly balls to fly in the wrong direction. Everything is pretty easy to calculate.

For the convenience of the player, there is also a compression function for changing the scale of game scenes. This greatly facilitates the aiming process and simplifies the calculation of the required trajectory.

Everyone who wants to download Knock Down for Android will find a beautiful picture on the screen, pleasant sound, useful bonuses and many levels carefully designed by designers, each of which will not leave anyone indifferent!

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