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The main tournament of the year in League of Legends is rushing to the finish line at full speed. In the final showdown, which can be viewed on the Riot Games Twitch channel, SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy will clash. Yes, the Korean derby is waiting for us for the second year in a row – the West and China have failed to impose decent resistance on clubs from the most powerful regional league. In this article, we will tell you how SKT and SSG went to the final and why it is worth watching, even if you were rooting for Albus NoX Luna and you are indifferent to the showdowns of the Eastern giants.Korean Gods in the League of Legends World Championship Finals

H2k-Gaming is the only Western team to reach the semi-finals at this World Cup. Korea once again has no equal in the international arena. However, who would doubt!

Until the end

At the current World Cup, Korean clubs – SKT, SSG and ROX Tigers – took the top lines in their groups. It wasn’t easy for everyone – ROX Tigers, for example, had to fight for the first place in a tie-break with Albus NoX Luna. SKT and SSG were not without defeats either. By the will of the lot, they got into playoff brackets of opposite strength – SKT got a ticket to hell in Royal Never Give Up, EDward Gaming (both China) and ROX Tigers, and SSG – an easy run next to Cloud9 (USA), H2k- Gaming (UK) and Albus NoX Luna.

The quarter-final round of the World Championship in Chicago began with the battle between SSG and Cloud9. Recall that playoff matches at major LoL tournaments are held according to the Best of 5 system, that is, up to three wins. On the first map, the Americans tried to resist, but then the initiative completely passed to the Koreans. The most important thing is that SSG knows how to manage the advantage – as a result, 3:0. Regular destruction.

As for SKT, Faker and the company, in theory, could well have stumbled over a colossus called Royal Never Give Up. Alas, the team, where the legendary Mata plays, looked like a formidable opponent only on paper. Already in the second match, RNG started making mistakes, which SKT immediately caught. Problems with communication also affected, which did not allow to be ahead of the curve – after all, under the banner of RNG, there are three Chinese and two Koreans. The score is 3:1 in favor of SKT.

It is worth adding that RNG fought with a much greater impact than Cloud9 in one fourth of the finals. This is probably why the impression is that SSG is more accurate than SKT, and is a more worthy contender for the Summoner’s Cup. The semi-finals in New York should have dispelled or confirmed these doubts.

Korean Gods in the League of Legends World Championship Finals

At the group stage of the 2016 World Cup, all teams stumbled at least once. This also applies to Koreans.

SKT once again got a tough nut to crack in a full metal shell – their compatriots from the ROX Tigers. This, by the way, is the top 1 team in Korea this year (yes, SKT no longer dominates the national championship). Of course, it would be extremely interesting to see the duel of two monsters in the grand final, but the draw decided otherwise. Let’s say right away – SKT won with a minimal margin (3:2) and could well have gone to pack their bags, because ROX Tigers were leading with a score of 2:1. In the end, experience played in favor of SKT, and spontaneity and sometimes inappropriate enthusiasm in matches of a serious level played against ROX Tigers.

Well, there is not much to write about the meeting between SSG and H2k-Gaming. Did you already guess about 3:0? If H2k-Gaming succeeded, it was only because of SSG’s missteps. The European veterans failed to leave on one aggression.

Now SSG looks like a more impressive contender for the championship than SKT. Analysts agree that the team plays, if not perfectly, then very close to it. But maybe it’s still in a weak tournament bracket? Look, SKT was tearing through fire and copper pipes on its way to the final. Here SSG will turn out to be between a rock and a hard place in the decisive match – we will see what the team is really worth.

Korean Gods in the League of Legends World Championship Finals

Will SK Telecom T1 manage to defend the title? We’ll find out very soon.

Korea again (ahead of schedule!) Confirmed: LoL for it is almost a national sport and it does not intend to let Western and Chinese clubs to the throne yet. Another thing is that not only Koreans shone at the 2016 World Cup – take at least the Ukrainian-Russian Albus NoX Luna, to which we devoted two materials. The team swept like a comet through the group stage, defeating even the formidable ROX Tigers. Moreover, ANX became the first club from the Wildcard regions to make it to the playoffs of the World Cup – fantastic, given that the LCL, a professional LoL league in the CIS, was organized only at the end of last year. Of course, there were other highlights and performances at the tournament besides the incredible rise of ANX. That is why, due to the spectacle and the uncertainty of the result, we recommend watching the final battle between SKT and SSG – the match will take place on October 30 at 02:30 Moscow time. Venue: Staples Center, Los Angeles. And if you are suddenly in the USA and love LoL, then you should upset you – tickets for the grand final have long been sold out.

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