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The knights are ready to enter the battle arena to fight for success and the main relics. Fans of fantasy can download Kritika: White Knights for Android and they will definitely enjoy this exciting and cool action game in which you can fight with players from all over the world on the world stage. The game is full of explosive action and sheer madness, and it will be very difficult to break away from all this. Use cool combinations of blows and special moves in battles with other warriors. You will definitely enjoy the fantastic unrealistically cool graphics, and in this atmosphere you will need to achieve fantastic victories.

Kritika: White Knights
 Redeem Codes (2022 December) 4.27.2
All Codes Expiration date
CPJ5ELV9DG7 November 19, 2022
OP7XKAW6QT December 5, 2022
F8K23JY0O November 12, 2022
GCI358DKP21 November 12, 2022
2JGP7DSVEO48 November 2, 2022
ZN8REQBOCKF October 18, 2022
1V9A5RDHS3O December 5, 2022
OF1TI5K39C November 16, 2022
4C6HDQKLP December 4, 2022
VD9I8WN26FA December 10, 2022
JRXIA86GKUM5 November 17, 2022
H3CMZFTY5PI December 8, 2022

Those who want to get a lot of new experiences should definitely download Kritika: White Knights for Android and experience the following game features:

  • Global multiplayer game mode, during which you can create your own guild with friends;
  • A wide variety of pets that help you win in battles with enemies;
  • A system for improving and developing the hero’s skills, as well as more than a hundred original missions in the single player campaign mode;
  • Large-scale waves of enemies that will need to be destroyed;
  • Automatic battle function.

Fantastic knight battles An incredibly large number of fantastic heroes have been collected in this exciting gameplay, and all of them have their own unique characteristics and abilities, and you can use them in battles. Learn how to perform explosive special moves to take down your opponent in minutes and advance to the next level. Enjoy the charming beautiful graphics that create the whole game atmosphere. You will need to go through all fifty floors in a huge terrible tower. Each will be waiting for a meeting with new fantastic creatures and they will need to be fought.

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