APK - Updated on December 11, 2022

Kung Fu is a retro graphics and an exciting arcade game mode where everyone can feel like a hero and save the Earth. Embark on a brand new adventure and save the world from the Zombie invasion.

Kung Fu Z
  MOD APK (Free Purchase) 1.9.24

If you have become a player of this exciting and original arcade game, then you should learn about your first important mission. You were chosen by the universe as a hero and rescuers of the entire globe. More recently, the world has plunged into a catastrophic state, and now green terrible Zombies are roaming everywhere. In Kung Fu, you will have to take to the streets of cities and countries to start dealing with them in an exciting combat format. In this tense world, every day players will have to engage in hostilities with the desperate survivors of the dead. You can’t beat them with bare hands, so stock up on the best special moves from Kung Fu, and then victory will be yours. It will be extremely difficult to save the city from such an abundance of zombies, and an unimaginably lot of time and effort will have to be spent on this process. It’s all the fault of the main Boss Doctor Z, with whom the player has yet to meet at the end of the adventure. The latest graphics in the style of retro arcade Kung Fu The most classic arcade-style retro times, and even with such original consoles of that time pixel graphics. Here players will be able to participate in the most insane and large-scale battles between zombies. Thanks to the uniqueness of the gameplay, Kung Fu can be played without taking your eyes off the screen. In accompaniment of each level, you can enjoy the original sound and musical accompaniment. Despite the retro graphics style, the picture is still very clear and has a high quality HD format. Constantly improve your game character and connect new outfits to it. At the end of each stage of the adventure, the player will meet powerful Bosses, who will have to work hard to defeat them.

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