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Landlord: Real Estate Tycoon – Do you like to play the Monopoly board game? Try to play it, projected on today’s realities of life.

Landlord: Real Estate Tycoon Gift Codes (2023 September) 4.7.9

YnlpWsqkxxx Get Codes

List of Gift CodesExpiration date
EW69HK8DXQUAugust 27, 2022
724D3MJYWBJuly 21, 2022
2T9QBULI7August 31, 2022
CJN0MYXQ71ESeptember 1, 2022
YSL3970FVTGDJuly 23, 2022
T28JL01FMG7August 21, 2022

There are 50 million different objects to choose from. Buy rental space and rent it out to your clients. Thanks to social media connections, you can acquire your favorite cafe or bar. The more popular the acquired place, the more income you will receive. Upgrade your premises: install Wifi, make Vip zones and karaoke to increase the popularity of the place. But don’t forget to pay your property bills. Invite friends and get bonuses for them. Join the fight with players from all over the world. You start with $50,000 and then raise capital.

Download ( V4.7.9 )
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