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Langrisser SEA is a tactical role-playing game that has absorbed all the best from the five previous parts of the most popular series. Great location design, many familiar characters, voice acting with professional actors and favorite tunes – this project will surely appeal to fans of the franchise and those who want to get to know this universe.

Langrisser SEA
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All Codes Expiration date
P2GCXF546NR February 16, 2023
NL01R8JYG5 February 7, 2023
BEXTJSQYC January 28, 2023
I75UJP6OEGA January 26, 2023
LER0O9M8GB6T February 3, 2023
OE9RF52CJQP January 15, 2023
BL98O0GK2VY January 23, 2023
SB9XCEZQ2M February 18, 2023
20635JZV4 February 25, 2023
6C532H7M9RJ January 19, 2023
AE5GCRM17S34 March 8, 2023
AJLCP926K8U January 30, 2023

Each character in the game has its own skill tree and special talents, which opens up a huge field for tactical experiments. Complete the most interesting story campaign and try your hand at battles with real players.

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