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Lapse: A Forgotten Future is a terrifying strategy game that tells a story about viruses. When immersed in the project, gamers are sent to the year 2075. Then the whole world is in terrible ruins. Only a small number of people manage to survive after a terrible catastrophe.

Lapse: A Forgotten Future
 Codes Wiki (2023 January) 2.1
All Codes Expiration date
CYWGUBJZSX0 February 7, 2023
FQLZE35M0V February 10, 2023
S7RTAPGLN February 27, 2023
NRAYO8L49I5 January 16, 2023
9L6KFUZ2TNXG January 3, 2023
FAD8SRKO394 January 13, 2023
TRMCP68NX19 February 1, 2023
JF54M9PAGW January 11, 2023
KQW731D40 February 20, 2023
5ZNTLOVY1MA January 23, 2023
ZU1LNITAMVRY January 31, 2023
2OP67J3I0EA February 13, 2023

The task of the central character of the game is to lead one of the countries. Only one large country could survive. You must save her and bring her back to the normal life that was before. Try to decide the fate of the whole people in a short time. Manage a big country, keep dangerous people away, because at any moment they can do stupid things, resulting in serious problems. Be extremely careful, try not to get sick and not catch the virus that is transmitted throughout the country. If you download Lapse: A Forgotten Future for Android, you can get acquainted with the entire territory and look at what is happening on your own. Strange incidents in the world Lapse: Forgotten future None of the inhabitants of the world understands how to stop the terrible situation that has arisen in the country. The heroes cannot explain why the problems return to them again and try to somehow hurt their lives. It’s just that nothing happens here. Someone is most likely behind this. Try to weigh any of your decisions. The event can lead to serious problems. In addition, in an instant, the situation can also be resolved. In general, it all depends on you. Fight for power, arrange conspiracies and intrigues. The game provides a lot of opportunities, there is even an internal store where you can buy additional items and improve your own character. Try downloading Lapse: A Forgotten Future for Android and immerse yourself in the passage of the legendary story. Go ahead and solve any problems that arise.

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