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Another game on the immortal theme of the risen dead is Last Empire-War Z. Once again, the world has undergone an epidemic that turns people into zombies. Fortunately, this time there is enough strength in human resistance to hold back the attacks of rotting creatures. And you have to join this resistance.

Last Empire: War Z Promo Codes (2023 June) 1.0.393
List of Promo CodesExpiration date
I19RNAH280UOctober 8, 2022
AERI5OYMZGOctober 2, 2022
9P5ZYOUAISeptember 20, 2022
FEGY4V75MOROctober 4, 2022
ZJCRAE6SVU8IAugust 17, 2022
XHDJ32E57AWAugust 24, 2022

A game in the format of a multiplayer strategy in which you have to rebuild your base almost from scratch, but you can rebuild it in full accordance with your ideas about a post-apocalyptic fortress that gathers troops and forces to clear territories.

Build buildings, mines, storage facilities, barracks and defense structures. You have to fight off hordes of slobbering and aggressive zombies every day, who quickly adopted many combat skills from people, and can become quite serious and dangerous opponents.

Cooperate with other players and clear territories together, protect new fortresses and develop old ones. This game is more about team play than solo development.

Conquer new territories and get rating points, climb the standings and top the leaderboard, and then become the king of the new world.

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