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Make a step from the precise world into this fantasy survival roleplaying recreation! Assemble a protected shelter, treatment mysteries & defeat enemies! Develop into a genius pioneer of the magic Middle Ages & loot distinctive treasures! Apply achievements of the modern interval: invent gunpowder, craft your first firearm!

Shoot orcs down with a shotgun, and blow up goblin summoners with frags! Enhance native farming and commerce to survive! Assemble an inaccessible shelter to protect your secrets, techniques, and strategies from completely different pioneers! Ace this fantasy recreation & play your new place of essentially the most wonderful pioneer! Survive in an alien world!

Last Outlander Mod APK 1.1.24 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Very nice story. Very nerve wrecking. Mind challanging Have ads & have long dialogs.. I uninstalled this game after 10 minutes of game play. The horror theme is cool but the controls and actions to do stuff in the game when the monsters are after you are clumsy and frustrating. Even on the easiest level, you have to die over 10 or 15 times to figure out what to do if you even succeed. It frustrates you to the point of not being fun and challenging. It just frustrates you and that kills the fun. Sorry guys! If I could give a negative value on this rating, I would!. Best game I played so far! Good job!! Hope to see more of your games.. It is really an amazing game. The sounds, Graphics, control. Are perfect can't believe that was made by only 1 person. Great job man I hope that you would do more games and even 3d in the future.. and hey guys pls donate to him we need to help him and his wife she eats too much . The storyline is exciting and engaging with amazing characters. The jumpscares are great! Just go for it!.

The game is intresting and have a good storyline i enjoyed the game so much. Sui art is one of the awesome game creator I have ever seen. Man I am telling you're a true gem of an artist. Your games are top notch and really fun and hilarious. And your art style is brilliant too. You make very interesting games and I think you are a great indie developer. Keep on doing the amazing work and bringing these incredible games. Thank you and hat's off.... The game is amazing. I've never played any game like this. Wow I loved to solve the mysteries.. It's so different and fun! Cant wait for moth lake 2 please add Persian language .

Well designed and interactive storyline with some walky talks between characters. I liked it. Been a fan since the first dentures and demons just found out this game was up for download keep making them I'll keep playing them. This was so much fun to play! Ive loved the point and click horror games for a long time and this one certainly just became another favorite of mine. I also really enjoyed the characters, i wasn't expecting to get attached to them like i did.. I loved the game and cried because I accidently killed two characters, but it was a fun game to play.. What a game, I really enjoyed this and am happy it was some different for once. Great job and great game .

The story and character development are top notch, waiting for your fourth game and yeah in next game please add my name in list of people who aren't buying premium pack. NEW REVIEW: I just finished this game yesterday night and omg I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH!!!! LIKE you are a genius to create such an amazing game. All the background music, storylines unexpected twists were awesome. I really loved all the twists and the turns. Can't wait for more . Still haven't played it but im sure it's incredibly amazing. Soundtrack much better then in prev game, lol. Animation much better too, but story overall too short. Nice idea with "friends group adventure". Controls messed up with duck move, kinda accidentally ducked tens times.. This game was just as awesome as the last games (Dentures and Demons 1 and 2). Sui arts I really had a lot of fun even tho wasn't able to get the good ending but still I loved it. Sui please keep making games like these. It seems I have become a huge fan of your games. Stay safe Sui until next time..

I never knew this game would be pixelated instead of fine graphics. Horrible.. Man, this game is awesome. The atmosphere tho. Good job Dev,,,, Good job . I love the game, very fun and scary, Definetly a new experience for me though I am very bad at this type of game but I enjoyed this one so far. Great horror game but as most people in the reviews its a bit too fast paced for me and requires quick thinking. I love the plot even though in the begining i didnt get it and thought i was playing a fever dream game. Loved the game. This was something new totally. The gameplay was tough enough , awesome characters. Loved the storyline, just didn't like the ending (no spoilers) maybe there will be second part . *Wink *wink.

BIG SLAY DUDE FR BIG SLAY THIS GAME IS A MASTERPIECE!! EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY MOTH LAKE. You've done it again, Sui! The graphics, the unique storyline, the variety of characters and the suspense from every chapter *chef's kiss* i downloaded this game last week and was excited to try it because of the dentures and demons 1-2 (yes im a fan). i know this game will not disappoint me and im right. love your works and please make more horror/mystery games . ANOTHER AWESOME GAME BY SUI ARTS. Really like the game, do not like the glitch in the library, keep getting returned to the first library scene. Usually after the 2nd canvas, but have got as far as the 4th once. Its more frustrating than the random ads mid-game! I would be ok with ads after every chapter, or scene, but not in the middle of playing. (Option to pay would eliminate that issue, I have not paid so will tolerate the ads lol) Please fix the library glitch, could be a 5 star game!. Amazing game I personal enjoyed it a lot , but the ending was absolutely sad (not gonna spoil for others)..

Such a cool and fun game hit the money with this one super cool and fun game . Only three words "best game ever" and don't see at bad ratings do sath your doing. 5 stars is not enough to describe how AWESOME this game is. Seriously you've improved so much since Dentures and Demons (and don't think I didn't recognise that D&D reference) I love the fact that you no longer have to tap to progress through dialogues and that you can go prone, although I do miss having to interact with nearly anything like in your previous games. And I absolutely love your Theme Music. I just became an even bigger Sui Arts fan. This game is a 10/10. Thank you Sui Arts you give me good horror, advanture and story game. Please gave us more games. My wish is Moth lake 2. Gameplay is too hard to operate.

Edit: A big THANK YOU for making the game offline although it must have been a hard choice. As said before, everything about this game is amazing, the comical slangs, the mystery behind the moths and horror/gore that comes. Behind their carefree faces are underlying traumas and the fears they have to face as teens, especially the unconscious parts are at times scary. I'm doing the metamorphosis part of one of the charas through watching walkthroughs and it's been quite helpful. Be well & tc :). Great storyline with amazing gaming experience. Nice we need more like this offline classic game. game is great fun but sadly i got stuck at teachers lounge. first monster killed alba while coming out of crack and now alba dies every time game restarts before i can do anything. i dont know if its a bug or designed that way. it would have been great if i had enough time for using energy drink but now i can not progress. fantastic game none the less till it lasted. i will give it another try later.. It was a lot of fun playing this game, if part 2 of this game is brought then it will be better.

If you are the kind of player that don't like a long story line.this is not for you.but for me that love the the story line, this is the best game I played in offline.good job to the developers of this game. I like it. The game is thrilling. . another masterpiece created by sui arts ww. Beneran bagus <3,creepy ny dapet gk nyesel download gamenya. Bro , u nailed it bro . Love from India .

I've played d&d and d&d2 so I expected a really good game...THIS. IS. SUCH. A. GREAT. GAME. Thank you so much sui Arts for making d&d and this game!!!. I think this is one of the best games I played with this thematic so far, it's really scary. The only thing I didn't liked are the controls, I died many times because of them.. You are one of my favourite indie developer, i played both your demon and dentures series and im seriously loving this new game of yours, Can't wait for your next game sui. Ads are really annoying. I know it's a free version but there are too much adds , every 7-8 mins they want me to watch an add. Storyline is still good tho. Edit - game is bugged , rn i hate this game kinda. Edit- I just finished the game and I apologise. I played a lot of games last year and undoubtedly this was the best. Thank you sui , you're the . Yayy!! New Game by Sui Arts Can't miss!.

I really love sui arts games finally a new game. I love the story and graphics. This game is really amazing i havent progressed much but i've played all your games 🙂 like dentures and demon 1 and 2 :v im waiting for new games soon!. I love this ge but js one issue I'm slow n u you should put hunts in the game. Wonderful game been hook since you first game. Love how you had more then one person to play as on here. The trash talk to each other keeps the game very entertaining. Keep up the good work can't wait for the next game..

Love it . Game play is fairly smooth and the story for each of the characters is very interesting ! Also enimies are quite scary. the doctors absaloutley terrified me (along with the distubring imagrey and cries of babys) . Although on the library stage when trying to pass through to the next image relating to the character itll send me back to the start even if im on the right character,is there a certain way you have to go through or is this a bug/glitch?. Luve the game i recomend playing this game luve the jump scares wish it did not have inapp perchesses. This dude is my favorite game dev 100%. 10/10 on this game and all of his other ones, too. This one is probably my favorite, but if you haven't checked out dentures and demons you definitely should.. I love this game so much. It's the best point and click game I've ever played. It reminds me of Fran Bow. But, it's more entertaining and thrilling and I fell in love with the characters especially Bruno because he reminds me somehow of Tristan Taylor from Yugioh. Thank you so much.. Alba the progressive queen OK but serious this is one of the best games I've played in a while, Sui Arts has done it again. The story is so good and compelling, everyone contributes to the story, it's just soooo good..

I Very like this game and the storyline is good and one more thing that I like this game because there are Tagalog language and I'm happy to see Tagalog language so I can understand more in talking . I LOVE YOUUU THANK YOU FOR THE GAMEEE. THIS HORROR GAME IS THE BESTTT UWUU~~<33. Scary game loved this game evey one should play this game. Well the game is lit. It's now ad free and the thing i like is it has really nice challenges.good to see such a game with nice story line which makes it more sensibele and deserving game.thanks developer for your work. :). I need moreee, thanks for the hard work. I like all the games you make, I hope there are new games after moth lake!.

After a year it is now release and i was not disappointed. The Game is so so cool and i love it! I also like the story of the game! Thanks for creating a Great game! Goodjob sui!. Looking forward to your (maybe) next game! i do appreciate your hard work! keep it up man! P.S.(I already finished it! yehey!). Moth Lake: A Horror... Rate this app Wynn wong Review are public and include your account and device info. Learn more. It's good so far and it's free but I hope that they don't start spamming ads (never mind it has a lot of ads a lot) you know like one of those games that is actually just about making money from ads just make people buy it or don't have ads you shouldn't be as petty as one of the garbage games that spams them this game is clearly very good but it just really ruined it with ads sadness. Amazing game. Each character is well designed and the character development is amazing. The art style is amazing and perfectly combines the feel of fantasy, horror, and point and click games all in one. The monsters were terrifying. Also loved the way this story dove deep into the fears of six average teenagers and then dealing with Greg and loss. Wonderful story, wonderful style. I have nothing bad to say about this game. I hope to see more games from this developer in the future.. Bro seriously how do you make such amazing game, I loved it I enjoyed every second of it if I could write more than 500 words I would be writting till my fingers give out, I loved it, dude your hard work paid off with flying colours. I wish I could pay you but I don't have any money so all I can do is pray for your good health so you can have a beautiful peaceful amazing life and always keep smiling my brother you are amazing wish could meet you. Really this was amazing I pray for your success.

I'm a 35 year old man, my daughter of 14 showed me this game, I downloaded it. I have not regretted it since, such a good storey line and a great seg up. I really enjoyed this one.. muy bueno y buena traduccin!!! excelente juego, tiene valores sobre agradecer la vida. Excellent!!!. Your creations are absolutely amazing- not only is the storyline interesting/intriguing but also the characters are very well-written (also speaking for dentures and demons). The strategies and puzzles in the games are brilliant. I've played all three of your games and I'm hoping to see you create more in the future as well as you getting all the recognition you deserve. Very good work and humor. It was so good. The story was good and I love all the characters. A bit bittersweet end.. A simple yet thrilling horror game.

so sick, sickasik sickasik dngn game ini i mean this game is so wunderbar. Sui arts back again with a new masterpiece love you guys seriously thank you for creating such great games played last 2 games was absolutely in live with your work I love pixel games and you develop such great games.. another sui game . i can't wait to play it. thanks. I've been waiting for it to be released, but I miss it but the game is so great- I just wish I have money to buy the premium and to also know about the extra scenes,. So far, I like all abt this game. Honestly, the puzzles and riddles was so challenging for me even at easy mode becz the clue is a bit hard for me to understand but nevermind, thanks to the walkthrough button Sorry I can't give you a full support with buying the extra content in your game becz I'm poor but, please create MORE game like this! I'm begging you for the 1st time I played Dentures and Demons made me fall in love with Sui Arts team. So, I'm here waiting for your next! TQ.

Instant 5 star. Love the atmosphere and graphics. I've been waiting for sui arts to make a new game after i finished D&D and the wait was worth it. I loved everything. The graphics, the comedy, the gameplay and storyeverything. I think this one is more thrilling though. There's choices that can lead to the worst ending ever and there's more chasing and running. Thats fun bc i struggled and it makes the game last longer. Overall, great job and im looking forward to your next game! (if there's any). very good game soooo amazing but, 1problem is somtime iam confused what i do? so plzz give the hint icon also yet thsi is the best horrible game. Dentures and demons better tbh but yall worked hard on this so 5 stars. Recommending everyone now! Gotta say it I wouldn't have enjoyed it that much if it was not for the language of the characters XD.

I LOVE THIS GAME thank you ^_^. A Hidden Gem in Play Store, The Gameplay and Art Style Feels like "Dentures and Demons" and it's a Good thing , would recommend 9.5/10. SO MUCH FLASHING!!, don't you understand how annoying that is? Only played 7 min and game flashed more than a rave party. I wanted to play it but it's really unbearable. Damn Sui I really wanted to support you since I've played the D&D 1-2 but that flashing is annoying. Good game, Story is also good as ever but there are some controller issues in puzzle, it's hard to move and ads is very frequent. it's like every 5 min I have to watch the ads which kind of annoying and disturb the continuation of game.. sorry man if I only get this game when its fully comes out without buyin the whole game just because i don't have that money to do it. but tho, i still appreciate your game so I'll gonna give it 5 stars. thanks a lot man..

Story is great, puzzles are difficult(i like it), graphics are a little bit worse than dentures and demons, but still great, the only problem i have with controls, something about it is not right, but maybe its just me. Thank you for your hard work and this game.. I'm so proud of you Sui, I've been here since Demon and Dentures 1 and i can see all the improvement in your work. I'm honestly really amazed how you managed to pull this all of and I'm really thankful for your hard work. Keep up the good work Sui, and make more amazing games in the future .. honestly the best game I've ever played . I love the story line and everything . Thank you for making this game . It was a blast . The same for Dentures and Demons , 1&2.. The game is terrifying, but if the game is more terrifying, it will be better. Absolutely perfect. Keep up the good work Sui. We freeloaders expect more games from you. Love you and Vala <3.

I enjoyed this game alot! Considering the fact that you were the only developer (I think?) You did an amazing job! It was honestly fun to see the 1 star rating comments taking those humours jokes seriously and not even trying nor putting effort lol! Don't take those silly messages to your heart those people are like 1/100 persent! might have been hard for yah :') I wish I can buy but if I ask I'll be thrown beyond the multiverse and begone for destiny . Wonderful! It was worth the dedication my friend.. its a very gooddd gamee OMG i can't waitt the full gameee!!!!. To be honest,I was skeptical at first. After playing the game,I have no doubt that it is worth my time. Overall story was enjoyable and multiple characters at the same time concept was cool for most of the time.The idea of onnecting trauma to monsters are great.I am looking forward to the next project. I have already played the other games before this one.I could say that the games has evolved and it is getting better each and every time. Just as bad the denture and demons its just so badest that i can't get my hands off it thanks to you if i skipped my studies just to play this is just its just the story or the character that you make are so intresting and different than other or its just your choice of words whatever it is it was the best experience i ever had, keep making more i look forward to skipping my studies and sleep just to play your games.

Good game but i miss denture and demons i Hope to an other game for it.. Another Great game again from Sui arts Yooo imma show it to my friends. Like the dentures and demons series, you can't miss when it comes to games. Please keep up the good work.. This game is so much fun tho. Not surprised cause Sui (f)arts never made a boring game. Another masterpiece The gameplay, the humour, the plot, all of it /10 It's a treat to play your games! Happy to be a fan since d&d 1 Still waiting for dentures and demons 3 tho .

Bro I really love your games, ngl I was waiting for this since you first posted on YouTube. The storyline of all your games are so fun. Keep it going bro. uno dei giochi di avventura pi belli del mondo! amo tutto di quadto gioco TUTTO!!. It's difficult to find good game, especially for phone, but this game beautiful! Thanks for Ukrainian language!. One of the best game out there, it's not too hard to understand and it's not pay to win. But you can always pay for ads if you want to help the developers grow even more. 10/10!!. Wow it was one of the games that was worth playing it! Sui Arts' games were always on another level compared to other games; Stories, music, characters, puzzles and even dialogs! So, if youre exhausted of all the games repeating SAME scenarios, just check on Sui Arts'!.

You can appreciate the dev's passion for creating these Games, Dentures and Demons 1 and 2 were Epic and this also blows my Mind, keep it up. I'm not playing yet. But now it's downloaded. I actually played all the games of Sui Art. And all his games had a very good story. I think this will be at least as good as the other games. (I'll post my views again after I finish the game.). As always.. you're a work of art man... Keep going... Love the game. I swear to god I gotta make fanart of this game. Thsi game is simply perfect I can even play it on hungary wich is soooo cooooool and the story is exciting. Well I didn't really like the characters but so much better than in a supermasive games's horror game.

Loved this game so much but felt very sad leaving Scraper he deserved much better .

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