Snakes & Ladders King MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 23.12.08

Updated on June 9, 2024

Name Snakes & Ladders King
Publisher mobirix
Category Game New
Version 23.12.08
Price FREE
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Snakes & Ladders King APK
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A Classic Puzzle Game – Leela King for Android

A classic puzzle that has existed for quite a long time and is always interesting for users. Try downloading Leela King for Android and take part in this puzzle game to enjoy its simple and fun rules. The game is accessible to all ages, because the gameplay itself is built in such a style that even children will understand it and, moreover, they will perceive this puzzle with interest.

In turn, the game will give them a lot of useful and necessary things, which will allow them to continue to develop and enjoy every moment of the game. This game is based on classic dice that you need to roll and get new moves.

As soon as you can download Leela King for Android, you will have to constantly roll the dice and look at the numbers that come up. The number that appears will show where you will be taken to which cell. If you are lucky, you will be able to climb much higher than your opponent using the stairs specially placed here, otherwise you can, on the contrary, slide down a lot and fall very far behind your opponent, which can lead to defeat.

If a player wants to win, then he needs to go through all one hundred drawn cells before his opponent does. Try to rely only on your luck and have fun with this simple game.

Game Modes and Features

Classic board game The game has several modes that will be very interesting to play, among them there is a survival mode that you can enjoy every day and act in an arcade style. In the mode against an interactive opponent, you will enjoy competing with artificial intelligence. There is a multiplayer game mode for meeting live online opponents or a game mode on the same screen with your friends. Together with this virtual board game, you can kill time together and have fun in competition at any time.

Discover the various modes available in Leela King for Android:

1. Survival Mode

Enjoy a daily dose of fun and challenge with the survival mode, acting in an arcade style setting that keeps you engaged and entertained.

2. Interactive Opponent Mode

Challenge yourself by competing against an artificial intelligence opponent in this mode. Test your skills and strategies in a game of wits.

3. Multiplayer Game Mode

Connect with live online opponents and engage in exciting competitions on the virtual board. Experience the thrill of playing with friends in the same screen mode and enjoy friendly rivalry.


Leela King for Android offers a classic and engaging puzzle game experience suitable for players of all ages. With simple rules and exciting gameplay, this virtual board game provides hours of entertainment and fun challenges. Download Leela King for Android today and embark on a journey of rolling dice, climbing stairs, and outmaneuvering opponents to reach the top spot. Explore the various game modes and enjoy competing against AI or real players online. Challenge yourself, test your luck, and have a great time playing this classic puzzle game!

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