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Quite recently, Evil Genius 2 was released – a continuation of the eminent strategy about how we equip the base of evil maniacs who dream of conquering the world, set traps for good heroes there, train attendants and obsequious staff, and so on. As you know, Evil Genius largely came out of the cult Dungeon Keeper, which gave life to many more games – for example, Dungeons, Impire and Dungeon Defenders. Now you can put Legend of Keepers in this row, which has a very telling subtitle – Career of a Dungeon Manager.

The best job in the world

Yes, here we are immediately offered to build a career in the Dungeon company – a one-eyed cyclops girl at an interview invites us to become the manager of gloomy catacombs full of gold and treasures that need to be protected from adventurers. To do this, we place traps in two designated places, and in the other two – groups of monsters (all sorts of orcs, skeletons, succubi, golems, vampires and other muck) for battles with adventurers.

This process, if you do not think about it, is not long.

Later it will be possible to place another very cool monster, like a dragon or a huge skeleton.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

But even dragons don’t live long here.

If three heroes, kind and greedy for our treasures, overcome all these obstacles, then in the final, in front of the chests, the manager himself, the big and main boss, will be waiting for them. In fact, this is an analogue of the heart from the “Dungeon Keeper” – if it dies, the game will end. At first, only one manager class is available – a huge centaur warrior (aka driver). Then the spellcaster and the engineer are revealed. And each of them relies on their class features.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

Managers can occasionally lash out at heroes with their spells or whips.

The centaur has access to the most robust monsters for battles with heroes – orcs, golems, and so on. Yes, and he himself has enough hitpoints. The witch is especially strong at elemental spells and fighters who cast them heavily. And the engineer, of course, handles traps more efficiently than anyone else, uses drones, as well as skills and creatures that, among other things, put on creating a protective barrier for allies. In a similar situation, a centaur, for example, imposes rage on his wards, increasing their damage rather than defense.

Drones and traps are the main weapons of the engineer.

If we defeat the adventurers, then we will receive money, new wards and traps as a reward. And for the money, both of them need to be pumped. The manager himself is also developing – when you get new levels, you can spend talent points on pumping passive abilities. Of course, everyone has their own class skill branches – for the same engineer, for example, a separate group of perks is dedicated to traps.

At the very end, the main boss of the heroes (the protector) comes, after defeating which we move on to the next chapter, get cool rewards, and sometimes open new managers.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

However, defenders and veterans can come before the end of the current sortie. With whom to fight – we decide for ourselves.

Corporate culture of evil

To all this, the authors of Legend of Keepers added pixel charm and bagel mechanics. If you are defeated, you will have to start all over again, but some bonuses from the previous passage will go into a new outing. There is, of course, also random, which determines which adventurers will be thrown into the dungeon, which monsters and which traps we will receive as a reward, and so on.

Plus, of course, the system of random events. And this is one of the main dishes of Legend of Keepers. In the best traditions of Dungeon Keeper and similar games, everything is served with humor. For example, you may find that your employees, that is, various skeletons, succubi, orcs and other creatures, are watching pornographic magazines with people. And here you need to decide whether to leave the magazines and motivate the minions (motivated ones fight better) or withdraw and punish.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

In general, the authors seem to have a thing for such sex jokes.

Or the spider queen may complain that your wards have damaged the web and spoiled something there – you need to either fight her, which will damage the manager, or pay. In another situation, a frightened little man will sneak up on the leader with the words that he has come for something to avenge – you need to decide whether to give him up for torture (we will get blood for this), spare him (we will get tears) or give him to employees, motivating them. Tears and blood are two more types of resources that are needed in some situations. And at a certain rate they are allowed to be exchanged for gold with a personal alchemist.

After being tortured, many of your employees will need a psychotherapist – the Dungeon company also provides such services that you need to pay for, in return receiving bonuses to the motivation of the wards. In general, there are many references to corporate culture – there are seminars for employees and advanced training courses. You can even send monsters on a “business trip” – for several weeks they will be unavailable, but they will bring resources.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

Looking at such landscapes is the best psychotherapy.

In addition, it is allowed to rent unused traps; send wards to rob the surrounding farms and settlements, where, among other things, there is a chance to release a new monster for us (but also an increased chance of getting injured); sell unwanted fighters on the black market. This is in addition to visiting merchants, trainers and an engineer pumping traps.

And here’s what you will get in the next game week (the entire walkthrough is divided into them) – a psychotherapist, a coach, the ability to send wards on a business trip or robbery, and so on – all this will also be determined randomly.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

You can also cast curses on your enemies.

Remedies for boredom

It is randomness in such games that is largely designed to dilute the monotony into which bagels often fall. In Legend of Keepers, routine also has all the prerequisites. Traps and fighters are always offered to be placed in the same place, always three soldiers each. Yes, in battles reminiscent of the Darkest Dungeon, you need to take into account what kind of elemental damage one and the other inflict, and what they themselves are resistant to or, conversely, vulnerable to. And in accordance with this, select which of your wards to put up against this particular group of comrades.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

Elemental damage is everything here.

But fights also get boring over time. There are not very many opportunities there – we choose which of the enemies and how to beat, or we inflict damage on the area. And in this endless alternation of “Random event – coach – robbery – random event – trade – coach – psychotherapist” there is also really a little variety. Especially on the 40th week and in far from the first chapter for the same driver.

Artifacts that can change the conditions of the game partially save the situation. For example, when moving to a new chapter, I was given an item thanks to which I could place only one group of monsters instead of two, but they received + 50% damage and health. After that, the evening ceased to be languid. It is a pity that such artifacts rarely come across.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

Even in the design of the backs, the humor of the developers is felt.

What to do? Firstly, to increase the difficulty (fortunately, its settings are very flexible here) – on the standard heroes they do not often cause trouble. Yes, they are initially stronger than our monsters and overcome their resistance, but, as a rule, they come on a date to the manager in an incomplete composition and pretty shabby. But at a difficult level, you will have to be more careful about which creatures and against which heroes to set up, and even think over bundles of fighters, traps and their elemental effects.

Secondly, you need to connect modifications – the authors of Legend of Keepers pay special attention to this and have introduced support for the Steam Workshop.

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager: Обзор

Our wards rarely destroy the heroes before the manager.

It cannot be said that we saw something fundamentally new in Legend of Keepers. But a mix of different ideas and genres (here we must also recall the domestic Iratus: Lord of the Dead) turned out to be quite fresh, and even seasoned with appropriate (most often) humor. Yes, there are problems with balance and some routine of what is happening. Plus, in my opinion, the mechanics of dealing damage to the morale of opponents, so that they escape from the dungeon, do not work at all – the spirit falls too slowly. But either the game itself has solutions to some of these problems, or you can hope that they will still be found – the project is constantly evolving.

Pros: an interesting mix of genres at the junction of Dungeon Keeper and Darkest Dungeon; mostly appropriate humor; variety of monsters, traps and events; support for custom mods; nice pixel art.

Cons: the balance is not perfect; In some places the game becomes too routine and monotonous.

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