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Every war has its heroes,” says the slogan of the game Legendary Heroes. Indeed, in the war that the developers of this game offer us, there are heroes, and there are quite a lot of them, given the scale of the battles.

Legendary Heroes Gift Codes (2022 December) 3.3.2
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
3ROET51SWIG July 17, 2022
675X24LHEG August 19, 2022
KOREP6YGA September 3, 2022
D6G4C5YXZ9B August 17, 2022
6VZNJ3C0DP2I August 23, 2022
VWJS0PAO4DM August 31, 2022

All fans of games similar to Dota will enjoy this game, even if not everything is worked out in such detail as it is done in the above-mentioned game, but time heals and developers also heal (the game, not the players).

You are offered a multiplayer real-time strategy in which you have to break through the enemy’s defenses together with your team and crush his base. There are many game modes and team lineups, but the point is never to betray two teams of heroes given three routes in order to work their way to victory.

Each hero is unique and has its own unique abilities, buffing, commanding or attacking, but never repeated. Choose your hero and hone the skill of using it in combat conditions to the ideal, and then not a single battle will be lost.

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