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The ultimate strategy is the lifestyle and necessity in Legionlands – autobattle game. The game belongs to the purest strategy genre and is true to its essence. Players will experience dozens of peer-to-peer battles. A powerful army built from the user’s gray matter. The player’s efforts are the spark to ignite their hopes. Be ready with the leadership skills of the gamers themselves. Sweep opponents who stand in your way at all costs.


What are Legionlands?

Legionlands meets standards in both content and manner. Diverse combat modes plus constantly changing content. Has ushered in a new era for the strategy genre. The operation mode is also very new so you can try and experience it firsthand. Fight for an ideal and concept you think is the most correct.

Gather the most elite army you can recruit. Bring them to the promised land and help them become legendary warriors. Write a personal history book about a commander with the ultimate tactical talent. Wisdom is the sharpest weapon that can kill enemies quickly. If you make good use of this, you don’t have to be shy.

Effective gameplay

Initially, you will have to gradually get used to the arrangement of the squad. Plus you have to understand the duties and abilities of the trump cards. From there, the power of these characters can be maximized. Not only that, the troops are also classified in different colors. Corresponding to their attribute strength will have the most pronounced changes.

What do you expect from a PVP match against an opponent. Challenge those who stand in the way of expanding your territory. By the feature of direct challenge with opponents in the community. Show your leadership talent and brainstorm with them. Each battle gives you more real combat experience for the next time. From there summed up to turn into an advantage for yourself.

Legionlands Mod


  • Classification of soldiers

Countless different cards designed by the creator. Aim to help users have a variety of choices. You will become more alert when you have access to the strongest troop classifications. Diverse fighting styles such as bows and arrows, mage, melee,… Enough power to please the most demanding users and players in the server.

  • PVP best

The level of a gamer doesn’t just stop at recruiting soldiers. That you need to have the brightest titles in the collection. And to do this, you cannot lack the fastest way. It is a direct confrontation with gamers in the game community.

  • Number of challenges

Before starting the game you will see the number of challenges on both sides. This helps the user to recognize the number of wins of the opponent. And compare it directly with your ability to win and the number of challenges you have. A feature that clearly indicates the trump cards that the opponent carries on the battlefield.

Survive and create the highest achievement of your career. Spend these first moments with your loved ones.

Download ( V1.3 )
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