Game Mobile - Updated on August 6, 2022

Leo the Truck and cars invite parents to take a break and see how the kid has fun building trucks and completing various arcade missions and simple logic tasks. The toy is designed for young users and is made with beautiful cartoon graphics, providing many interesting animated moments, providing the possibility to discover new details, and valuable prizes for children in the form of toys. Funny cartoons and videos, awesome mugs, and new models of trucks.

Leo the Truck and cars

Complete the first mission

Try to help the driver in his first missions with Leo the Truck and cars and see what parts are provided to build. The full version of the toy will allow young gamers to use dozens of taxis and bodies of all colors, rectangles, and squares, with and without trailers.

Truck assembly

Simply touch the part you like and it will automatically be installed on the main platform, and then you can proceed to the next step – installing the cabin and trailer. Once the truck is assembled, the user will have to perform the simple task of loading construction materials, concrete, gravel, sand, various parts, and products and transporting them over a short distance in a three-dimensional horizontal plane.

Refreshing Rewards

On completing missions, users will receive rewards and unlock access to new city challenges and areas, other parts for building trucks, and other modes, including a Simple arcade race against a computer opponent. Play with your child and track their progress. Do your best to make things easy and help figure it out in case of difficulty!

Download ( V1.0.74 )
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