APK - Updated on January 9, 2023

The legendary game Lep`s World has received its long-awaited continuation, you are waiting for even more enemies and items with which you will crush them on new levels and worlds! Studio nerByte reworked game physics and brought it to a fundamentally different level. Improved graphics and sound allows you to enjoy a fantasy world where there is a place for magic, deceit and courage. The guys from nerByte conducted a thorough analysis of the reviews for the game and implemented the most daring and interesting suggestions from the fans.

Lep’s World 2  MOD APK (No Ads) 5.3.1

The sun is warm, which means that everything is fine in the leprechaun village. The most ordinary leprechaun named Lep spent an ordinary day in the company of his family and friends. But suddenly an evil sorcerer at the head of an army of monsters decided to treacherously attack the village. The famous leprechaun gold has been stolen. All the inhabitants have been taken prisoner! Even worse, by combining his dark magic with that of the leprechauns, the Warlock could take over the world! Lep luckily manages to escape from the monsters. “Heroes are not born,” Lep thought to himself and set off on his journey to save his relatives and prevent the fall of the world.

Can you help a brave hero, who never suspected that he was a hero, to overcome evil?

You and Lepa are waiting for 64 levels and 8 worlds, teeming with monsters and gold, which fell out of the chests of the sorcerer, in a hurry to leave the village. Having received 10 epic items and abilities on his long journey, Lep will be able to stop the sorcerer. But first, he will have to face 13 types of opponents, from stupid and strong, to insidious and VERY STRONG, not to mention the bosses, the hardest battles with which you will remember for a long time! Good luck!

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