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Let’s Journey (idle clicker rpg) is a great mixture of clicker and RPG where you have to travel as a dragon hunter. Go through different locations, defeat monsters, get rewards, improve your character’s skills and follow an interesting story.

Let’s Journey
 Codes Wiki (2023 January) 1.0.8
All Codes Expiration date
DCF38GWK4PS February 21, 2023
3SJ8MKDCER January 31, 2023
IAOWJYKXL February 25, 2023
C9T63PGHR7U March 1, 2023
NQMO7W5PG1XK March 11, 2023
0X5AZRLY8O1 March 16, 2023
8MZIYGQ1RUB February 7, 2023
XWZ9S41OR8 February 3, 2023
RGZ2LK3IC January 17, 2023
WJU7NSKQ86V March 6, 2023
XU3TKNBOFI0D February 8, 2023
NL7VI16GTQH February 4, 2023

Let’s Journey (idle clicker rpg) is unique heroes and a flexible system of their development, a variety of equipment and pets that will help you in battles, as well as a large fantasy world. Visit different cities, look for a treasure map, complete various tasks and get ready for an epic battle with the dragon. Peculiarities:

  • simple but addictive gameplay;
  • a well-thought-out character development system and a variety of equipment;
  • different locations and an interesting plot.

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