News - Updated on May 3, 2022

In 2019, indie developer Alex Massé stepped down from his regular job to devote himself full-time to Paralives – a life simulator with an advanced character and house editor. Now ten people are involved in the game, who shared the full roadmap of the project.

The plan contains a list of significant features (with the exception of secret ones) that will definitely migrate to the release version Paralives. According to experts, the roadmap is needed so that users can get a closer look at the production of the game and understand how much needs to be done for the life simulator. “Thus, we want to be as transparent as possible and let people know what they should expect from us,” the developers write. It is possible that this is also a kind of report to sponsors, since Paralives Made with Patreon donations.

The action plan is divided into several segments, including both ready-made and work-in-progress features. In addition, the craftsmen outlined the “features” that will be released before and during early access.

  • Most of what is presented is in the “Done” group: body hair, heterochromia, the ability to hide clothes for editing tattoos, and much more.

  • The In Progress section contains improved skin textures, a randomizer for clothes and accessories, sound effects for the character editor, and edits to the editor’s interface design.

  • Before the Early Access release, the team wants to have time to rivet more wardrobe items, hairstyles and other things to create a unique look. The plans also include a character editor, a genetics feature, hidden object filters, and tutorials.

  • After the release in early access it will be possible to create dogs, cats and horses. Do not forget about rags with hair!

According to Masse’s team, at the moment Paralives overgrown with key systems:

  • The character editor has almost all the features, but it lacks content: clothes, hairstyles, pets, and babies.

  • Build mode also has all the features, but there are no tools for stairs, roofs and basements yet.

  • In life mode, all the main interactions with objects in the house work. First you need to bring these aspects to perfection, and only then take on the needs, skills, relationships, and so on.

  • The toolkit for creating modifications functions at a basic level.

Separately, it is reported that the team is currently polishing interactions, animations, and pathfinding. However, the to-do list includes improving the character editor, working on the soundtrack and soundtrack, as well as designing more physiques and face shapes.

Developers still do not know when they will be able to release the finished project, but they are sure that it is worth starting with Steam Early Access. “This will allow us to deliver the game to you earlier, when we make sure that it gives positive emotions, even if it still lacks some promised and important features,” the specialists emphasize. They promise to release updates frequently.

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