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LightSlinger Heroes: Match RPG is not just a classic match 3 game where the player can get acquainted with a fantastic storyline. Immerse yourself in these epic adventures and fight against other players.

LightSlinger Heroes: Match RPG
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 3.1.7
All Codes Expiration date
0OBVX2SEI9H January 12, 2023
JOSBEGD13C January 1, 2023
0ZWLYI3BS February 3, 2023
FEBSA3RM49C February 19, 2023
NVEFD46A82CG January 6, 2023
7TS6E1ZNVDJ January 12, 2023
HL5UW1GP0R6 January 20, 2023
T4EMK7PNOJ January 23, 2023
Z5D2M1E4C February 4, 2023
D0BOX3MNEL7 February 13, 2023
JE0TM5CLGZPU February 28, 2023
6S0ZXK7CQ2U January 11, 2023

Start your adventures in this huge fantasy world and match three in a row and more. You must love this amazing atmosphere filled with cool visuals. Match three in a row and win bonus items. You are waiting for meetings with ancient creatures and clashes with monsters. Try to assemble the most powerful team of heroes with special abilities and win one battle after another. You can invite your friends to download LightSlinger Heroes: Match RPG for Android and challenge them to competitions. Naturally, to win, you will have to use all your logical skills and ability to think tactically. The multiplayer mode in match 3 puzzles is far from new, but not every game boasts such a variety of Bosses and enemies. In this game, you can even go to raids in teams and get a huge amount of gold. Fantastic adventure in LightSlinger Heroes: Match RPG Match 3 or more colorful balls to become the best shooter in the world. You can quickly learn the rules that are quite familiar to every mobile user and start passing the level. When you can download LightSlinger Heroes: Match RPG for Android, you will get the opportunity to gather together the most legendary heroes and they will take the fight with your opponents. Play on the global arena and demonstrate your power of tactics to all players. Think of ways to outsmart them and win a tough fight. Win valuable rewards and get bonuses that will help you make it easier to pass the most difficult levels. These three in a row will be unforgettable for you.

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