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Little Commander – WWII TD is a beautiful, fun and interesting strategy in the style of Tower Defense (castle defense), in which you will be able to feel like a little commander on the battlefields of World War II.

Little Commander: WWII TD Codes (2022 December) 1.9.5
Codes List Expiration date Number of
KYAETIZ3UHO August 21, 2022 256
PEIUCZO6GV August 13, 2022 809
Y5N2WK0S3 July 28, 2022 425
7GW39QSKMRE September 1, 2022 504
MS5UVJ3XAP2K July 15, 2022 704
BVTLR0XIYO8 July 15, 2022 269

Protect your base from the invasion of crowds of enemies. They will attack you as infantry units of different types, motorized troops with different levels of armor, tanks and even bombers. But do not despair, because you will not fight them off with a horn.

The choice will be offered about two dozen towers with various modifications, as well as the help of allies in the form of air strikes and other amenities.

Pass the levels one by one and earn upgrade points and money that can be spent on upgrading or buying new towers. Remember, the more stars you get for a level, the more development points you will receive, and the faster the next levels will be completed.

Place towers as you see fit and upgrade them as you play to increase your damage or attack range. Plan your deployment carefully before the start of the battle, because when a firefight starts and crowds of enemies start to break through to your base, the airstrike will not be ready yet, and your towers will not be able to cope – you may not have time to set up new towers and replay the tactics of the battle, and you will have to start again first. And don’t forget to prepare for the last wave, when the heaviest and most fortified units are released onto the field.

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