GiftCode - Updated on May 15, 2023

Lollipop: Sweet Taste is a colorful match-3 game. Travel across the Sweet Land, collect candy chains. Play as much as you like, because there is no energy in the game.

Help the main character to collect candy on many bright and tasty levels. Complete tasks to collect certain candies: make chains of three or more candies of the desired color. At the same time, try to make chains as long as possible, because the number of moves is limited. In addition, for combining five candies, a special rainbow candy is given, which can remove all the candies of the color you need from the playing field. For combining 4 sweets, a bonus is also given, but less.

And, what is nice, the number of moves is the only limitation in the game. As mentioned above, there is no energy in the game. So, nothing prevents you from replaying the level. There are no time limits either: play at your own pace and enjoy the game.

The moves remaining after passing the level are transformed into additional points or bonuses, and if there are not enough moves, you can buy a booster and add them to one level. True, this pleasure is paid, but this is the only thing that you have to pay for in the game.

The game does not require a permanent internet connection. Enjoy the sweet journey anytime, anywhere.

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