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The plot of the game Long Hair Princess Hair Salon is as follows. Once upon a time, the reigns of the fairy-tale kingdom were in the hands of the beautiful prince Christos and the beautiful princess Juliet. The princess’s hair was long and beautiful. However, just before the wedding ceremony, an evil witch entered the kingdom, stole the incomparable Juliet and imprisoned her in a castle located far from the kingdom in a deep forest. The witch was very sick, so she needed the energy and magic power that the princess’s hair had. You need to help Juliet return the magic to her hair and choose from the imprisonment of an evil witch. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose your favorite princess from a list of royals. Next, you have to choose all kinds of spa treatments, makeup, hairdressing and clothes. To create the beauty of a princess in the game, there are various hair care items: a magic comb, hair dye, and curling irons. You can complement the beauty of your hair with various color sprays and accessories. And to make your hair grow faster, you have to mix all sorts of potions. However, the game is not only in the care of Juliet’s hair. You also have to pick up beautiful clothes for her, which will further decorate our beautiful princess.

List of Cheats Expiration date
P2TX9J8VDUQ August 20, 2022
P2DXC6QBV1 August 30, 2022
7SO56BPZH September 7, 2022
PYKHE794GX5 September 5, 2022
U2N8MPKO1CJB August 28, 2022
R3B2O7G5LSW August 8, 2022

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