Guide - Updated on April 4, 2022

Elden Ring presented as a joint work FromSoftware and George R. R. Martin. Apparently, the cooperation was considered successful, because the publishing house Bandai Namco started flirting with another famous writer who has an idea for a soullike.

It’s about Brandon Sanderson, author of the Cosmere universe and the man who helped complete the last three books in the Wheel of Time series. The Cosmere character appeared in Fortniteand most recently, in March 2022, Sanderson had a phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $41.7 million for his next four novels (and bonuses for those who paid more).

Kelsier, hero of the Mistborn cycle (part of the Cosmere universe). This is what he looked like in Fortnite.

While the fundraiser was going on, Sanderson was streaming. There he spoke about attachment to the “souls” from FromSoftware.

I always have an idea for everything. What if I could make Soulsbourne? You know what happened when I thought, “What would I do if I was allowed to work on the story for Magic: The Gathering

I designed the plot in the universe for four years Magic: The Gatheringand then I was contacted by people from Magic and said, “Hey, do you want to write a story for us?” I said, “Yes, and I already have it. I will write it for you.” And so I did.

That’s how I thought about Soulsbourne. Of course, I’m not the one who decides whether I’ll work on such a game. But I’m thinking about it, so maybe you’ll hear more from me about it. I have some ideas. I always have ideas.

Bandai Namco I don’t mind collaborating at all. She sent Sanderson a huge box of special merchandise. Elden Ring – it was unpacked live. There was a letter, a map, a wooden tablet, a cape, and even a life-size sword. Judging by the words of Sanderson, the letter was just an invitation to cooperate with Bandai Namco.

A stream where a gift from Bandai Namco is unpacked.

Sounds like Sanderson is very familiar with games. FromSoftware and even regrets that Elden Ring Take George Martin

Most inquiries today go to agents, sometimes things get straight to me, but let me whine. Here FromSoftware decides to make a fantasy game and partner with a fantasy writer. And they choose the person who writes NFL blogs all day, not the person who has been playing their games since King’s Field and constantly puts them in his top 10 of all time. What do you think? If you don’t know, they chose George and made a game with George, and I’m like, “But George doesn’t play video games. George doesn’t understand them.”

In the past, Sanderson has written books based on video games: in the early 2010s, he released two works based on Infinity Blade – a very popular action-RPG for iOS at that time from Epic Games. In 2021, Sanderson stated that he had been working on a certain game for several years, but it seems that it has not yet been announced.

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