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LOONEY TUNES CRAZY WORLD is a fun mobile game about cartoon characters in which you will get only pleasure and enjoyment. Move on and feel the frenzy and loads of fun.

Codes Wiki (2023 December) 46.2.0

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All CodesExpiration date
3CF85EU0T1HOctober 9, 2022
YTML8XPJHAOctober 27, 2022
HBRWDN9M7October 17, 2022
RMOK1EBQXZYNovember 27, 2022
6VQJ59ACBP4EOctober 24, 2022
NBHK2MDQWYXOctober 21, 2022
ZWVH013DJCFOctober 29, 2022
H0QS29VK5JNovember 12, 2022
YG2A73MUVOctober 28, 2022
WH0A12QCZJEOctober 30, 2022
GJB05IDQOM7FOctober 12, 2022
4LXNQV5T76ONovember 25, 2022

Right now, a whole new world awaits you, in which all your favorite characters will take part, and you really know each of them. Discover a world full of mysteries and entertainment, learn skills and find your first box in which you can get new elements and parts from the world of Daffy. Among them will be rare and epic cartoon characters. A very dynamic gameplay is waiting for all participants of LOONEY TUNES CRAZY WORLD right now, and you will easily get victories. Daffy is waiting for his chest to open. Travel with your favorite heroes across the big world and learn a lot of new and interesting things. A huge number of levels are waiting for you ahead, and you can have a lot of fun on them. Unlock the full collection of all the characters from the original cartoon and together you will go even further. LOONEY TUNES CRAZY WORLD is made in incredibly beautiful 3D style graphics that bring the characters to life immediately on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, because the game is available on all platforms. LOONEY TUNES CRAZY WORLD with your favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons is back in business and needs urgent help. The player will have to collect all the best characters in the cartoon, among which you will find crazy Taz, cheerful Tweety, Runner and Duffy. All of them are here with only one purpose, to help you go through crazy battles and beat everyone who tries to become a rival for Looney Tunes. In addition, the player will participate in the creation of their own favorite place among the cartoons, and they will live their story there completely. LOONEY TUNES CRAZY WORLD will make all the cartoons come alive and you should definitely like it.

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