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Lord of Heroes appears inside the midlist of the interval of chaos. The one who can change the course of imminent faith of the tip of the world. Face the arbitrary world with epic heroes!

Lord of Heroes Mod APK 1.3.032305

I cant get the awards from 10 days to lockdown anniversary, Ive gotten most of them except last night i couldnt get it because of "an unexpected error has occurred" but then in main screen theres the icon which says theres something I need to look at there, please help me!. It's a great game i really like it but i kinda disappointed on gacha system they should lower the needed pulls for guaranteed 5* character because as f2p it's really hard to get a 5* character. I love anime so much this is awesome. It's being 30 minutes and the still loading.... I thought I could play the game after the update, but no.... It's still on the loading menu....and to make it worse, I'm still on contract with a character, and it is almost over....please fix the game. 3rd anniversary and there's still so much that needs fixed and keeps new players for wanting to try it and forces me to not recommend it. Obtaining and leveling characters is a really big thing that ultimately hurts the game the most. Boosting a character up to 6 star was already really hard and 7 star makes it even more impossible. The daily elixirs and gold are severely outdated with how much is needed per day for gear or level ups. I haven't even talked about the insanely hard story or game. just started but like what is there so far, will update after I play some more.

Just started, and then it needed an update, and now it won't let me sign in. This is such an amazing game. The story is just phenomenal, the characters actually have personality including MC, the graphic are beautiful, and u can get meta hero for free. Hero gacha isn't a big part of the game. Cuz you can get new heroes by grinding and constant login. This game is a whole new level of grinding to the point it will be painful. Very slow grinding pace. The artifacts system here is nuts but good thing there is auction with currency u can get for free to lessen the pain. It seems like a lot of us are having the same problem. The game used to work fine on my chromebook but eventually it stopped working. Now it's just: Open app --> Black screen --> Crash --> Repeat. It simply won't work anymore. It was fine for me until an update that seems to have messed it up. It wasn't the only time I updated the game. It worked just fine after most of them. I'm able to play on my phone, but my phone isn't particularly made for gaming.. Game getting worse and worse with every update. More paid characters, more gacha banners, though, it isn't even a gacha game to begin with. Feels like devs just want to get even more money from everything. Maybe make good content if you want it, last story in War of Tyrants is horrendous. Game translation also sucks, especially on russian language. You literally see female characters getting referred as males, mistranslated names, typos and missing text.. 7-star promotion and no increase in exp acquisition. Prepare to spend 2 months per unit going from 1-70. This won't apply to you if you've been playing since launch... or just swipe :).

After reading the required terms and condition. Immediately uninstalled it. If you want to protect your personal data and privacy this game is not for you. the games ask so much unneccessary information to be gathered. Play at your own risk. +1 star for being honest.. Is a fun grinding game pay to win isn't a big issue but I have a problem with the updates when long updates and maintenance come up I loose my contract. I have a bit little problem with the game it just like this.. when i just finish the stage it start to force close or crash the game for no reason! is been bugging cause i must wait the loading screen and play the next stage again hoping not to crash or force close but instead they will force close everytime you done the stage but overall the game were amazing,with such a good gameplay and animation and the graphics really beautiful hope you fix this problem!. The dev be like, how do we get our new player to be confuse? First, mixed weapon and characters in one summon banner, done. Have not one, but two premium currency, done. Hide multiple character behind paywall. I've been playing this for three days only and so far I hate it. I can't progress to next chapter cause my heroes is weak, and course I have to grind and farm exp for the heroes. But, you can only repeat for five times. So many things to complaint about this game, I can't.. Game is visually stunning with a very good story. The gameplay is great and interesting. Only issues is the difficulty of getting new characters and the grind to make new characters good with the low access to xp and gold. Some characters are also locked behind a gacha that you barely get access to with low rates and some are also pay walled with high prices..

I would say it's a great and wonderful game would recommend..... but I can't even get the game to fully download without the app shutting down. I uninstalled it and redownloaded it over and over and over and still it continually shuts down when downloading I give up on this game.. Exciting storyline and fun to play.. Was real fun to play. No complaints I can think of yet. But keep up the good work. I think its not a amazing game but i think its not bad and the only thing i liked it in this game that my luck is impossible not like in other games in this game easy to get rare items. Game was fun the first time I played I crashed a few times but now I redownload years later to take a look now I can't play I get in it loads and then crashes I cant play it.

I like the game play style and plot.. I was looking for a game with story as enjoyable as Epic 7 and I think I found it. Gameplay is fun and the UI isn't overwhelming.. I enjoy the game and graphics but there are a few bugs. I get kicked out of the game constantly, and it also likes to glitch and put rectangles all over the screen. So I hope this can be fixed soon.. Havig fun with this one, turn base and simple to get into, the ui is nice and not over saturated, time will tell how much more i get into it. The only thing that I could say is that this game is a very good game. It has good ghrapics, cool heroes and the gameplay. The reason Why that I gave this game a 4 because it is too hard to get some materials or linkstone, like you can only get linkstone if you level up And the worst thing I's that the lvl up reward has only 10 linkstonee????? It is really hard to lvl up. So pls devs,please can you put task or any achievements that give so much linkstone??? It is also hard to get some characters.

Your game is excellent for anime lovers.and also for those who wanted to be royal king.while playing I feel like I am real king. The game doesn't open if I move its data to external storage (SD card). It's a wonderful game and there's a lot of handsome guys it's amaizing!! ,you should try it. This game has an interesting storyline, good graphics, I like the translation feature when chatting with other players, Lastly, I like the appearance of 'Lord' black hair the most, both male and female.. Graphics are fantastic, the characters are great, and this game is extremely high quality. Loving this game so far!.

Not a bot review, I'm just too lazy go type. The game is fun. Great story line and it keep wanting to know how it would end. Sinking ship. Now filled with bugs and crashes often too.. I absolutely love this game. The graphics are nice. If there are other updated new games exactly like this one, I will download and play them.. The game was really cool and fun but it keep crash.

Because it annoying to get exp potion with low exps and after playing 30 min it's says fail to connect i have 5g wifi i use to love even if it gives less exp but can't login anymore without reinstalling. Game is actually really good, it's like genshin meets final fantasy.. Make the exp and money grind a bit easier please. We are swamped in trying to collect crystal and renown already, at least make it so we can level em up a bit faster ><. I'm having lots of performance and stability issues like it's unplayable it needs a lot of fixing. Leons,. Boom boom room Hacks day uuunien upon and updates games roots and fingers bang bang bang room And moot tech haggorhaggers.

Love the game, great way of binding features into the story. Good Story with good mechanics aswell as frequent events.. The game is supper good and the graphics are just stellar and story is very interesting the reason as to why only 3* is because the game is super super grindy if your like f2p but if your a mega spender on the game it will be easier but still grindy the exp thing is locked to only one attempt to the highest floor you can reach the things for ascension is randomized and there is no skip on the reado thing so you have to wait there until it finishes in conclusion you need to pay to enjoy the game. Pay to win: El juego Que cosa ms asquerosa, si te gusta un personaje ten por seguro que tienes un 90% que sea de paga y si no lo es pues ponte a farmear como un enfermo por un mes o ms. Pada boong ya komentar lu pada? Gw aja yang main pake data seluler Indosat tanpa wifi smooth 60fps Hp gw: redmi 9 kentang gw tes lagi di hp bekas gw redmi 5 dan yap rata kanan 60 fps. Lawak lo anak lacur.. I've been playing LoH casually long term and I can say I really enjoy it because it's not a time pressuring game. But I'm a materials hoarder so levelling up characters isn't a problem for me but I can understand if other players struggle with that. The characters, animations and storylines are great. Low-key can be an idle game so it's nice to leave it aside and go through battles..

too many paid characters, please add more free ones even if it's going to be summons. Ever since adding the hall of agates it has been a fantastic game, the slightly abysmall number of drops from resource farms aren't really too much of an issue either for me at least, just glad they're there.. I had given a 4 review when I first started playing. After a couple months however, I don't feel like it deserves that. The acquirement of heroes is completely asinine. (To the creators of this game, you butt sniffing turd munchers are absolutely retarded) The sound scheme is awful to such an extent that the volume is best left off. The snail speed of progression is so bad you would have to be a meth-head to get very far in a month or two of playing. Money hungry garlic smelling jerks.. Played for a few days, here are my thoughts. PROS: anime style graphics, great character designs, good & engaging story, ease of play & GUI navigation. CONS: so far my only issue was the information overload with both story & game mechanics being introduced quickly & simultaneously. But not big of a deal, just getting used to it. Overall, I'm not really into collecting different types of the same character but this is still a great turn-based rpg to experience.. What a great game but its somehow 50% copy from summoners war but they maked the game better.

Nice graphics and designs but need a little work for new characters. Great animation and good gameplay. But please fix the sound problem. Hope Devs can allow this game to be on Google Play Games (Beta). No vou mentir esse jogo surpreendeu minhas expectativas. Great Game made me wanna come back..

I love it because the character and the va is really good. I like this game very much but I think that you need to add a few things like: Official name for Lord of Avillon. It'll make easier to talk with other people about him/her.. Can't open the game it keeps closing. Download the resource data is so long. Wouldn't install; get to 30% then crash. Tried 5 times.

Very good characters, good story and very neat animations and consept.. Excellent game with even beutyful story and gameplay :). This game i have seen the movie it is very interesting but try to make it offline but it is very awesome. This game have good mechanics that could be found in any good turn based games. Have a good story line that get me hook to follow up.. I am fascinated by this game and its world building .

The game it's cool, nice game play.. problem in me its Keep going crash/force close when summoning. I love the game. But I got rid of it awhile ago and decided to get it back and I can't even get onto the game. Finally got to try this and its not bad. Love the game! I wish i could make it five stars. But i got some problems,First is that it kicks me out of the game still i dont know why.And It sometimes glich me and i have no choice that to go out of the game. But i wish u could fix this please.Thank you!. Love this game. Great story, wow caterers and over all a good game..

Every time i log in. The music and any other sound becomes muted even tho my phone is at full volume and everything else works completely fine. This games is so good. I hope a new server will be created.. Error Code: 110 I don't know what happened. I always played on my old cell phone and it always ran very well (the game is EXCEPTIONAL, by the way) Now that I am with my new phone, every time I try to open the game this message appears and I am unable to open. It makes me very sad because the game is so good :(. It is unbealiveble how u can lose acount so esey due to something do stupid. Nice game play and graphics. I am also enjoying to story line. Good work!.

I really enjoy this game, but, I keep getting error code 110, initlization failed.. Excelente juego, solo cae en la misma vaina de siempre: o te vuelves adicto siendo f2p para tener una buena cuenta o eres p2w. Hey Why my Game when I enter to the Game why it Say Error?? I love this Game Can you fix this?. I've been playing this game for just over a month now and had no issues till today at reset time, which for me is midnight (uk). It was working fine before reset And now myself and sister who is also playing is getting a initialization failed (error code: 110) and wont let us on the game....what is going on???. Phenomenal story, great character designs, and easy to play even while using only your favorite knights. My only issue is how slow it can be to level knights, because even late game stages give low experience compared to the level your knights are going to be at at that point & there's no consistent way to get a lot of the exp items at once. EDIT: Whichever update added the training options effectively fixed my previous issue with leveling..

I can't play it always crash. While using headphones if you monimize the game it loses the audio and have to restart the game. Fix this issue. Suprisingly good so far. Will update ranking further down the road once played more!. I don't play many games but this game showed me how passionate the team behind the game is. Yes is not easy for me at least to play and I really suffered to build up my knights. Over all the story and the graphics are unmatchable. Amazing. I really hope one day this game becomes an open world game. Or at lest has an anime or manhwa.. This game is so beautiful oml, I'm on my knees.

i recommend playing this game! It's so fun and the music also the graphic design are AMAZING!! I'm a huge anime fan and I 100% recommend this.... Feelt like I am playing fire emblem arm. Very well done the right blend of anime action and story hope to see more additions of characters in the future. This game is great and all but it is very hard to get linkstones.. and the characters are just too expensive.. I'm a f2p player. Such a dumb app it is.... it needs more space even after getting installed. If at all it needed so much.. y did it get installed at the first place. And after tht too, it takes literally more than 3 minutes to get loaded and makes your phone hang too.

nice game best gaphic so great. This game is good this gives good you can try anime lover superdry only one problem is that is loading PicsArt this is my review. I loved the game it was great. But it's lost my account, and I can't log in so to play the game I will now have to create another account and start again. Even in the lowest graphic settings, it still is very heavy on my phone. No guaranteed character in 10x spins, and it is very difficult to gather linkstones even for 1 spin. Not a lot of rewards for beginners, and no way to multitask. Even the alliance event is very difficult, and my beginner team doesn't even get a turn before getting wiped out.. It crashes often when I'm playing and have to reopen it again and again. This is super annoying I don't know what the problem is. Sadly, I might have to uninstall bevause of this..

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