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Lords & Knights – Strategy MMO – As the name suggests, this is an online strategy game. In it, the player will need to build his kingdom, starting with a small dilapidated castle and reaching a solid territorial superiority.

Lords and Knights: Strategy MMO Codes Wiki (2023 March) 9.24.1
List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
1L5RQJ32EFY August 9, 2022
N724R8SI6K October 1, 2022
QIN471AFR August 14, 2022
5XM37SUPHY9 September 22, 2022
Z7KFME5TXUYJ September 7, 2022
8YRH3S064JD August 28, 2022

As in any multiplayer strategy, this game will require the creation of a powerful and well-fortified castle, because thousands of players will be able to covet your castle at any time, and take it away from you in a matter of hours. Yes, this is the case when the game puts and keeps you in a position in which you can always lose everything that you have accumulated and won.

But there are advantages in this difference from many similar strategies. For example, if you are a really knowledgeable player who has enough skills to develop your castle along the right path without wasting time on useless buildings and improvements, then you can always attack the strategist next to you, who sits without an army, but improved their mines to the maximum. Capturing such a castle and taking possession of it, you already have double income, and double the development speed, since now you can build twice as many warriors.

And at this moment you can choose whether to send all your efforts and resources to the development of one castle in order to make it an impregnable citadel of power and leave the second castle as an additional source of income, or to develop castles in parallel and continue to capture neighboring castles, causing tons of emotions and fury among their owners, as well as instilling fear and horror in the souls of enemies.

By creating an alliance, or joining it, you will be able to capture even more castles and develop many times faster, since you will have the support of allies

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