Lords Glory Promo Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 12, 2024

Lords Glory codes are powerful tools that unlock exclusive rewards and bonuses in the popular mobile game. Players eagerly search for these codes to boost their progress and strengthen their arsenal of weapons and abilities. From extra gold and rare items to special upgrades and new features, the Lords Glory codes offer a wide range of benefits to those who know how to find and use them. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for the latest codes to dominate the battlefield.

New valid for Lords Glory Promo Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary sword for battle 2. Pouch of gold coins for wealth 3. Diamond necklace for luxury 4. Ruby-encrusted crown for royalty
Get Code 1. Legendary sword 2. Pouch of gold 3. Rare diamond 4. Enchanted shield 5. Emerald amulet
Get Code 1. Enchanted sword of power 2. Bag of rare gems 3. Pouch of gold coins

Lords Glory Tier List

Here is a tier list for the game Lords Glory, based on the current meta and overall power level of the heroes in the game:

1. Lord Thunderwing - One of the most powerful heroes in the game, with high damage output and great crowd control abilities.
2. Lady Frostblade - Excellent support hero with strong healing and crowd control abilities.
3. King Dragonheart - Tanky hero with great survivability and team utility.

4. Queen Shadowstrike - High damage assassin hero with good mobility and burst damage.
5. Prince Sunfire - Ranged mage hero with area of effect abilities and good damage output.
6. Knight Stoneshield - Tank hero with high durability and strong crowd control abilities.

7. Princess Moonlight - Support hero with healing abilities and crowd control utility.
8. Duke Ironcrest - Melee fighter with high damage output and mobility.
9. Baroness Bloodfang - Assassin hero with powerful single-target burst damage.

10. Countess Nightshade - Ranged mage with limited crowd control abilities and average damage output.
11. Sir Swiftwind - Melee fighter with average damage output and mobility.
12. Duchess Emberflare - Support hero with limited healing and utility.

These rankings are subject to change based on game updates and balance changes. Players should always experiment with different heroes to find the ones that best suit their playstyle and team composition.

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