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Head-to-Head Battle: Defend your tower and destroy your opponent’s. One is your goal! 2000+ Ranges to Conquer: From desert to ice land, depart your legend in every single place  100+ Characters to Collect: Troopers and heroes from 5 entirely different races, each distinctive. Merge to Evolve: No one may be wasted; every character can evolve to unlock new appearances and skills with an effect improvement.

Embattle with Approach: Line up your legions correctly; even the stronger enemy may be defeated. Dungeons to Drawback Each day: Sorts of dungeons and duties are prepared with the intention of uncovering. Watching adverts to get double bonuses! Many Idle Rewards: Incomes gold money, diamonds, and utterly different recreational belongings if you find yourself AFK and getting correctly prepared when you get once more to gaming. Regular Updates: The developer updates weekly to optimize the game experience and provide avid gamers with new points.

Lords Hooray Legends of Legio Mod APK 1.4.6(2109111924) (Unlocked All)

Say here for about 10 mins and it didn't get past the loading screen. Doesn't load properly, seems like it doesn't get updates very often either.. nice gameplay and a balanced way to obtain warriors good game in my opinion. Just for fun. It is a rip off and won't let me play. Nice and lovely.

nice. good. cool. Can't even start the game, blank pop ups and notices that require some type of confirmation.. This game is far better when it's realistic.the story don't make sense at all.

Very laggy. nice. liking it so far no complaints you should try it out. good time filler. wish it was a little more challenging at the start though.. good.

Update 08/22 This game is too cluttered. Simple sound effects for tapping and other small things missing. Summoning is very anti-climatic. Not sure why you didn't have simple sound effects for when you tap on windows, open chests or level up Feels very awkward.. good start the but theme is too childish. . Deffinately recommended. Fun :D. This Game is AMAZING. Very simple, easy, fun, free, and ect. but this is a problem with the game that keep bothering me, it's you how the game like keeps lagging off and also kicking me off my ads and stuff.

One of the baddest games I have played. The developer do not maintain their games. They never respond to gamers, this is not the first time they did it. Think twice before you spend a single cents.. fun. nice game. not bad.

This is A very good game to play.everyone should try it. good. . it's decent enough for f2p. goog game.

Horizontal fight.. Click and click... I can play this game more a than and paid only $5. Still can continue to 55th level. It is a bit slower now but still good enough to play every day.. Cool game bout a lot of bugs. sooooooooooooooooooooo god. cool.

game plays as advertised and no forced ads, 1010 guys excellent job. This game is a poor ripoff of Stick Wars, cartoon wars, and The Battle Cats the game plays nowhere near as fun as the other games and the tutorial is way overdone. cool game. it is fun. .

Can see why others would enjoy, not my cup of tea. Hihihihihihihihi. At first this is a very good game. But once you reached lvl 200, it became pay to win.. Why do you need to put lvl restrictions to a unit? You need to 11 star unit to unlock? Absurd!. pretty fun game. maybe add like a mode to test ur teams damage? like the gloom gate but it's a dummy at the end and u try to deal as much damage as possible and u get rewards depending on ur score. I dunno just a suggestion. great.

Pretty cool. fun. It pretty fun and easy game.. good game. sometimes ads don't work.

. good. bug. Solid game.. it's cute and i like the graphics.

good...i think. Stays fun forever and not pay to win. cool. nice game. My biggest issue is that the ad skip passes are used every time you click on something that would play an ad. It should really be an optional use thing rather than automatic, especially if you can pay for them. The exploration blimp gets in the way of starting stages too often, it'd be nice if the flight path was somewhere you can't accidentally click on it. And the raid tip popup on every stage gets in the way of seeing the enemy heros. It should be a one time popup or less frequent..

It's fun!. Best rush type game period.. After new update the game getting lag and slow. Its not fun anymore Edit: the game getting bug every after update. Bad experience play this game. I playing this game since the early access and now the game clearly P2W with they add more stuff which is hard to get except u pay it more... Well Im gonna delete this game.. i love the game. but when using those ads, mostly not working repeated several times still not working. even you update the game still the same problem in ads. fix the ads problem and i give it 5star again.. So lagging for 2d game!.

good game. Downgraded from 5 stars to 1 star rating. The game is totally bugged. I can't play a game that shut off itself on its own.. The game is nice but poorly compares to other games with the same mechanic, the gameplay, art style is good, gacha rates is quite generous, the performance is a bit laggy and overheats my phone (I have a Huawei P9 for context), the storyline is so short and confusing that most of the time you're questioning what you're there for, a little more work on the storyline would be great and a little more dialogue since it can be quite confusing to what's happening, the tutorial isn't the best. I love it so far, but I dont like how long it takes for energy to re charge but other than that great game. pretty fun game. they hand out enough free stuff to make f2p fun. worth a shot.

good game. its not a bad game fun. Boy am I glad I didn't purchase anything since I was only able to play the game ONCE before it decided to never open again.. This game is super easy and simple but super fun!I love games like this and this game is a masterpiece, I'm 30 minutes into this game and I love it, I will say this will entertain you for at least 3 or 4 hours.. time killer.

I could play this all day. it's very fun and addictive. In came here from graystillplay and i have to say this is a very good game..... Devs are very responsive and fix bugs quickly.... Game is generous with gems as well so thats a massive +. great game. This games freezes all the time. Fix that and I will give it 5 stars again.. the loading times are a bit slow..

Good Game. Game runs really slow for me, freezes a bunch and I can't get ads to work the majority of the time, just says there no ads available or something like that. And also it keeps trying to rotate the screen randomly and I have to wait a bit or restart it, super annoying. The gameplay is good though, just can barely play it. pretty fun game, that's free too play!. great game. I love this game, but there's a bug when I'm trying to claim the Quest reward of Chapter 6. It would be very appreciated if you could fix this bug..

good job. Super disappointed I was looking so forward to playing this game because I've been looking so long for a game like this, but when I downloaded it, it keeps freezing while "downloading updates". I've restarted the game multiple times but it still won't load.. I just want the bribe games good maybe 3 but you get stuff for saying 5*. Great game. cool.

It's just like battle cats I love it. Muhammad Dzakwan Nor Hamizan can u upgrade this game to a best game ever. nice. awesome. Good game.

very addictive. cool game. This is a good game. I love this and it is very addictive.. gud game would recommend a solid 8.5/10. This game is a great.

its I very very cun game to play. gr8. After getting fast response to the games bugs and after being fixed dont mind the few ads lot less then some other big title games keep new content coming. It made my phone say system ui not responding and it was super lagy. nice game.

Fun game overall but I have a glitch where I can't get the reward for completing chapter 2 of the achievements. fun game. The games great. i found this game off of a youtuber that was sponsored by them. his name is GrayStillPlays. If not for him i would not have found this amazing perfect game. this game is so amazing and there's different kinds of characters so you should download this and play now. not a bad game hopefully more heroes then it's great.

honestly not that bad for a free game. such a fun collector game can't wait to see what else it brings. I wanna enjoy this game but it's super laggy, and that's super annoying.. Well this game is pretty good, but one thing that bother me is sometimes this game lag and stop operating. Would probably be a fun game, but I've had two major problems: 1. The performance is terrible! It's just a 2d game, why is it running so poorly? 2. The tutorial is one of the worst cases of overdone. On top of that, it seems to be causing the game to crash constantly. I may improve this in a bit, but holy Hera this is frustrating so far. Edit: had to drop it to one star, the performance issues and crashing don't go away after the tutorial..

Is a fun start and has lots of variation. its good. I absolutely love the game so far, it's exactly the kind of game I've been looking for. I actually watched a lot of ads and didn't mind because I could choose to. Ads aren't a problem either. BUT It requires energy to play the levels. It's not a problem early game but I absolutely hate games that I can only play in small amounts when energy is harder to get. Great game but requires energy, and that's a no go for me unless it's super easy to get. 1 energy every 10 minutes, nope.. good game. dope.

Very addicted game. ugh. Haven't been playing long, but ok so far. Good. We could say it has False Advertising. Installed the game just because an ad offered a code that was supposed to give you 50 Summon Tickets... It only gave me 6....

Pretty fun, similar to a game with battling cats or something like that, too soon to give it a 5 but so far so good. Waiting for it to get difficult.. it's not too bad. a little rough around the edges, but for what it has. i think it can hold its own compared to other games. graystillplays sent me i love it. it's just like epic war which i miss.. so freaking fun. I love it got i Saw the game on grey still plays. Its overall not a bad game its just the constant loading in the game makes it so slow to where I thought it crashed..

Fun but not my cup of tea.. Waited 20 mins for an update that never updated so I got mad and deleted it bc it shouldn't need an update as soon as I download a game like y?. mantap. . good game.

pretty fun thus far. too early to rate honestly. providing rating for free rewards. Goodluck. Unfortunately there are too many ads in the game, harming my gameplay experience. They are not mandatory, but still there are many rewards and drop chances that are gated behind an ad. Great game otherwise.. loving the game so far . reminds me of a old game I used to play called epic war . this is by far better.

So somehow I have a review for this game yet I've never played it before, littrerly have never seen this happen before. Google playing games with reviews?. Having fun although, I'm still trying to figure it out. Spent $1 and then another $2. Nice artwork and good distraction for the evening. At least it doesn't keep crashing like the other two games I tried tonight, so that's nice.... it's pretty cool game. good pass time. soo lagy i cant even complate toturial mission.

if you want to watch ads. play this game. Great game, you can easily play for hours.. i lab it. so far so good!.

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