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Visual novels and their derivatives are very popular today. Almost every second game in the Steam adventure section is VN. And all, of course, are devoted to different topics. How exactly, you can roughly understand from a kind of collection from the studio 7DOTS – her “Love, Death and Vegetables”, which includes six mini-novels, in a comic and light form beats many popular images, settings and themes presented in this genre.

They are so different, but still together

So, all mini-short stories are really short (about 40 minutes) and completely different stories in terms of subject matter and surroundings. “Defectives” is somewhat reminiscent of Doki Doki Literature Club!, to which the authors ironically refer us. Here, schoolchildren organize a kind of detective club, which assumes that it includes fans of Agatha Christie, James Chase and other masters of the genre.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

On the right is Eve. She is very funny.

One of the girls really, just like in Doki Doki, loves to read. But the other two do not care about the detectives, and they want to level the very idea of ​​\u200b\u200bit their leader (and this is a boy) and turn it all into a virtual club of pretty girls. This becomes a catalyst for further events, during which there will be corpses (seemingly), and fainting, and solving detective puzzles. Although, of course, there is no heat and brain-stealing here – in places it is a really funny parody of the topic.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

And the funniest in the collection is the mini-novel “Vegetables”, which beats a typical dating sim. Here we are in the role of a novice sysadmin “romance” of representatives of office plankton, whom he represents in the form of vegetables – in the truest sense of the word. Everything that is funny is served in verse, and the erotic scenes typical in such games are presented as if the hero stuffs and cuts radishes, onions and other vegetables.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

This, if anything, is how he peels potatoes.

The mini-story “People Can Live Here” takes the action into space. She is also ironic – here the main character, a scout, is in a hurry on his ship to help the former, who, by some fantastic coincidence, also ended up in this sector and is now giving signals for help. As a result, everything turns into almost a war of clones, and we once again see how girls can endure the brain, after which they become former.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

Calm down, it won’t come to a fight.

But in the episode “Warming Her Chilled Hands”, he and she are in the candy-bouquet period and have not yet reached the stage of swearing and brainwashing each other – this is the most romantic mini-story in the collection. Here you can feel the notes of otome – these are games for girls who have to find their love with a handsome guy. Naturally, he is the prettiest and generally the best on the course, but she is not, not a slut (quite the contrary), but a very unsociable girl. Her best friends are a talking alarm clock, her favorite glider (our girl is a mechanic) and her friend Karina, who loves to tickle and squeeze her. In general, everything seems to be against the fact that a girl and a boy are together, but love, as you know, has no barriers.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

The most erotic scene in the entire game.

In the mini-novel “Crossroads of the Worlds”, a young man is already trying to pick up a pretty eared elf, and this is played out again in an unusual way. First, he meets her at a cosplay festival, and then, thanks to one magical artifact, he gets to the crossroads between dimensions, where he now meets a real elf, not a cosplayer. And they are campaigned by a bearded dwarf who turns out to be… a woman. No, this is not a transgender, but a bearded dwarf – well, a racial feature.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

He is an elf, if anything.

Finally, “Nocturne” is the darkest on the list, and even drawn with large pixels. And the setting here is unusual – everything is stylized as the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire, gendarmes and Decembrists are mentioned, but there are also offices with computers. And then there are strange monsters that steal people’s faces and identities. The main character, who went in search of her twin sister, also encounters them, and for her it will be a shock – and in the end the girl will have to make a difficult decision.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

Speech here is also stylized antique.

Short but not always clear

Yes, in the tradition of the genre, most (though not all) mini-novels periodically have to make a choice that will determine one of several endings. As a rule, it is really difficult. Shoot at a young man (the heroine sympathizes with him), recognizing him as a maniac, or still shoot at a terrible monster? Blame the leader of the “detective club” for what happened or not? Due to the fact that the novels are short and far from everything in them is really written out and worked out, you often have to rely on intuition, which only complicates the choice. But you can save at any time, return and try another option.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

What’s the dilemma? The second option is of course.

In general, the compact format is both sadness and joy for such a project. On the one hand, as I said, not all characters, worlds and situations were well written – they are not that weak, but not brought to mind. On the other hand, what is happening does not have time to get bored, including due to the variety of worlds, characters and stories, as well as appropriate humor (what are the Evochka from “Defectives” or the aforementioned grumpy alarm clock!).

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

The alarm clock is one of the most colorful characters in the game.

What’s really sad is that not a single mini-novel has even a hint of any gameplay other than clicking on lines of dialogue. And even in the visual style, only two stand out against the general background.

Love, Death & Vegetables: An Overview

The art here is still nice.

Studio 7DOTS is no longer new to this genre – however, previously it was mainly known for erotic novels with a yuri bias (this is where girls fall in love with each other). Thank God, in the game “Love, death and vegetables” there is no smut or porn – on the contrary, everything, for the most part, is easy and humorous. Of course, due to the small format, not everything is written out properly, but this collection is quite capable of brightening up a winter pandemic evening.

Pros: six diverse and interesting mini-novellas in their own way; there are really bright characters; good quality text and humor; Nice picture and great soundtrack.

Cons: there is no real gameplay in any mini-novel; not all characters, stories and settings could be written properly.

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