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Love&Diaries: Aaron (Love novel) is a role-playing adventure with a very exciting and romantic storyline. The player will become the hero of a real life story and try to build relationships.

Love&Diaries: Aaron (Love novel)
 Codes (2023 January) 5.1.6
All Codes Expiration date
TOUNIV7K281 March 2, 2023
SE3PQW5XAD January 26, 2023
F8H1AYUPQ February 6, 2023
CZQ3PGOHN86 March 8, 2023
X0VICU43BPO6 January 26, 2023
1Q3NADT2I74 March 11, 2023
36TF04G8IOS February 8, 2023
3CZI2D1GJ9 February 25, 2023
478MZRDSO February 10, 2023
L1TFCJ7VBUI February 9, 2023
TVYL4DP7WNFG February 25, 2023
P5H8SGEVU3T January 24, 2023

This interactive story will be very interesting for girls who dream of becoming the heroines of novels. It all starts with the fact that the young lady gets a new job in one of the major airlines, where she begins to build her relationship with her colleague Aaron. This is a very handsome and pleasant guy, but there is some mystery in him that the heroine wants to know as soon as possible. After that, the entire gameplay must be taken into your own hands and constantly make decisions about the development of relationships. Each of the events that take place can be greatly influenced and interacted with. Try to build new relationships in Love&Diaries: Aaron (Love novel), and eventually find the true strong love that every girl dreams of. Game Features

  • Captivating storyline in the style of a romantic bestseller;
  • Many characters and heroes that will influence life;
  • The ability to create a new story with your own hands;
  • A huge number of places for adventure and visits;
  • Nice graphics and nice atmosphere.

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