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The story of a battle amongst entirely different races to personalize the five-colored flight stone has unbelievable power! Glamorous potential outcomes with cute graphics! A limitless open world that lets the participant experience assorted contents without restriction! A beneficial auto-quest performance permits the character to develop more robustly! Many pets, mounts, and costumes beautify your ground with limitless combos!

Your distinctive character is one among a kind! Adorn your ground with an entire bunch of costume parts! “Oh, I’m not too good at adorning….” Mightn’t you be involved? Assorted costume items with additional selections are in the retailer for you!

LunaM Ph Mod APK 1.0.666 (Free Shopping)

Good game , relaxing overall 9/10 but I thought It wasnt gonna be a auto questing game im a little disappointed in that because i was hoping that this is a grind game where u kill mobs and lvl up. Good game tho but wouldnt play anymore. Simple idle game. Nothing more, nothing less. Great for passing time but not something you will feel the urge to invest on.. nice game and so interesting to play this game. its very good game. simple and very entertaining.. It always says Failed to download data. What the hell. It consumed 4gb of my data and I can't play it Thanks for that!. I like the game.... but... every skill take so much mana.... so everytime.... its either you craft or buy..... please.... make do of this.... and when you choose to be support.... there is no skill to heal.....

Lots of c items no chance to get the rare item in anny cahnnel. This app it's take to long to load and goes back to home screen I hate this app!!. Love the cute characters and graphics overall. I hope there's a world war, like a 50 vs 50 real players war something like that. It would be great!. Make fast to load others are poor and don't have wifi. Inside files seems to not function even i download and redownload the game.

Not a F2P friendly game mobs is much more stronger sometimes it only needs 1 hit to kill a character with the same level. at the stqrt of the game it got pretty bring cause when my auto mode is on im doing nothing. I wanted to play this game but I keep getting unknown error after I finished the download.. The game is loading?? why I been waiting for 1 months and it didn't open the game my phone is OPPO A3S 8G Phone storage please fix this game I can't open it really please,. Too many bug...even upon character is reply from admins...1star for your game.

attention to all players, lets play this game!!. I love the style and art not bad this game. This is my first time playing this game I rated it 2 star why because downloading the reasorces takes too much time if I like the game I'll rate it 5 stars next time. I wanted to play the game, But it crashes sorry.. new players will never cope up on leveling. fix your leveling method ..

Keeps crashing on my cp though this game is amazing. This is not recommended game because they have a maintenance every week but every maintenance they do there is a new bug will appear.. I can't log on the game I uninstall it, fix this fast. I had Enough " An Error is occurred " In the Download resources screen, I have 6mb/s download Speed but still it doesn't Do good. Idk if it is the Game or it's just something needed to Fix. This is a scam it is not real please dont instal this here is the ressons 1. The control is not working 2. When your not on peaceful you cant control your character 3. The costume is awful man.. And the last 4. You cant kill monsters when your in hard mode I wish I can put zero stars but I cant.

Game is boring,auto-quest does everything for you even if u turn it off on settings.People claimed it to be grindy but its really not cuz u already have the auto-quest and auto kill.This is not a game,u basically do nothing but stare on your screen as ur character moves by itself.Pointless and waste of time.Graphics is good,story is a classic and UI is great(not that u would use it for controlling ur character) it's not a mess compared to others.. How the heck do u enjoy this game the update in the intro sreean its trash im stuck on 19 and my wifi is very good but the game sucks fix the long loading if not i hope this game will have 1 rated . I HATE THIS GAME ITS ONLY MINIGAME. Ma skbsj on svosbovs Jdosbobe Nskbsk. I have been playing this game for 2 days and to be honest its a really great game if you want adventure although you would need to spend time on grinding a lot. Unfortunately I had to rate it 3 stars because of the Automatic System when I used it to mine it often skipped 2 ores and only went for one and then sometimes when i use it to slay on monsters to grind for exp the mobs dont take any damage..

Warlock Summons so lame Warlock basic attack graphics sees bug no animation Game sooooooo Laggy 2 stars for now . I can't really rate it for now, i haven't played yet, it's still updating and it's been hours since i installed it.. Pls make the updates load faster.. It's been boring. Putangina Laging nalang Lag at Adsssssss. This game is wonderfull but to many storage. PANGET NG GAME NA ITO ANG TAGAL MAG DOWNLOAD AMP BULOK.

Tels try i give this 1 star wheen this is lag. So many loading I hate it. It always stuck at Zakandia map Loading screen my 2 character stucked to that Loading screen add some unstuck button at character selection so that character stucked can move i waste almost an hour waiting!. Can you please put free camera mode, it's feel awkward on fix camera. nice game but much better if you earned money in game .

it's actually fun because the animation's v cute . I need more customes and free strong item. Its more fun in the philippines. Removing the damage prevention letter really makes the game unbalance since there is a chance of destroying the item when enhancing there should something to protect your item. Without something like than makes the game unfair especially after removing the inheritance too.. Hi I can't go and play the game the updating never end's ;1. i can't get in and play the game ;2.the updating never end.

good game i hope im lucky to get epic item. This game is so fun and I meet new friends I don't like this game I love this game. The game is good and kinda satisfying to play and grind but can you please add more events that will help for players like us, free players. Thanks.. This is i want to play...then the Heroes is Verry Cutee. The graphics are cool and all:).

5 star I think is game is so cute. i love the game.. its cute. i gave 3 star for luna m i like the game i enjoy i spend a lot of time more than mobile legends,i hope can you tell me how to send item or can i send gift to my friend or other player theres no option or instruction to send the item i found the wrapper but i diddnt know how to send the item pls help me. I love the style and arts and no problem so far! But the thing is it's a bit laggy but the game is so amazing and have some sort of unique way of playing! I give it a 4 star for awesome game! Why not 5 starts? Because the reason is it's a bit laggy that is all!. This game is PLAY TO EARN to the high tier guild / players.. hey dude wanna buy some Crystals?? DEAD GAME lots of alts and SALE'S MAN .

This is soooo bad game! Its so loading and i can't even open it!. this game is Adorable and yes why 1 star? First of all i can't open the game second it's always loading and the third one says Checking version module?? what can't i play this game? If i can only play it i'll always give u 5 stars. Pls fix it.. Cool games my phone number is your mom doing the same thing my house my. its log but my phone si redmi but its super log fix this pis. Boring. Few players and I feel like I'm always playing alone..

You play you make character watch your hero to progress. this is a online game or offline?. i like the game.. the graphics and the skill animation... The game always say error download failed. Before the game was very fun and enjoyable to play, but after several updates it's getting worse..

Cute character and I love the graphics . its a cute characters and so verry nice graphic verry love it. This game is having many speak of korean i don't speak korean i only speak EN & ASIA . Its been 2 years still the Game has lot to fix. In terms of Guild war I hope before it get start all must in the field. The game itself is not Balance. All strong Players are in one guild theres No balance they keep making Alter account for their own benefit. You cant change the Angle of the Camera. You cant even dodge when the Boss skills release the Skill. Sometimes Bug. I HOPE THIS GAME WILL BE DEAD SOON..

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