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Mixture of visual novel, horror and cyberpunk. No spoilers.



The game is announced for platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS.


The basis of this game. The protagonist is one of the inhabitants of the last refuge of mankind, an underground city. Machines have seized power and now they determine who is here, what, how and when they will do it.

The protagonist sees strange nightmares. It is necessary to unravel the terrible mysteries of this city.

Story link.  One of the dreams

Story link. One of the dreams


The gameplay is a visual novel with a touch of horror and cyberpunk.

A rather tense living world is presented. On the surface it seems that everything is fine, but it is worth digging deeper and a lot of unpleasant questions arise.

That's how things are done here.

That’s how things are done here.

The action is accompanied by detailed descriptions of the lore and the state of the world as a whole. I really liked that this information is brought to the player, as it were, casually. The amount of text here is not stingy.

If we talk about technical aspects, then we can note stylish drawing, good music and sound accompaniment, good switching between scenes of what is happening.

Reminder of a former life.

Reminder of a former life.

The game is filled with all sorts of NPCs that you have to interact with. Moreover, this is hard-coded, it will not work at any time to communicate with those with whom you would like to or do something that is out of the story.

Hero's sister.

Hero’s sister.

Consider the pros and cons of the game, sum up.


+ Good graphics.

+ Good music and sound accompaniment.

+ Great intriguing storyline. Good main story. Lots of text, descriptions of the world.

+ All texts are in good Russian.


+- The plot goes like on rails. There are practically no variations of what is happening in the form of significant decisions. That is, the player, as it were, follows the events that are happening in the world and cannot really influence anything. It is possible (and certainly) that some significant elections will appear towards the end, but so far I have not seen them. On the one hand, this does not interfere, because The story is interesting and captivating. On the other hand, it feels more like watching a movie or reading a book than playing a game. For me personally, in total, this state of affairs is a small minus.


– Lack of replay value. Almost the entire plot is absorbed in one passage.


The game is interesting, but “for one time.” At the same time, the project was executed qualitatively. The visuals and music create the right atmosphere, what is happening is exciting and able to arouse interest due to a well-developed plot.

Our hero.

Our hero.

PS: Probably did not disclose all aspects, could miss something. I will be glad to supplement / correct the review or answer questions in the course of communication in the comments.

PPS: This time the review turned out to be small, but, in fact, if you delve into at least some topic on the adventures of the hero, then these will be unambiguous spoilers and after reading it will not be interesting to play. Please be understanding.

PPPS: Steam game page.

All good games!

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