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If you have often played applications of the Mafia series, then you should remember that initially the game was a regular shooter, where driving a car was only an element in the gameplay. But in the Mafia Driver – Omerta application, there is nothing but cars. Moreover, these cars are all from the times of the last century, when there were empty roads in the cities of America and mafia laws reigned. According to the plot, you will have the opportunity to become the driver of one of the mafia cars. Here you will be not just a driver, but a person who must complete the tasks of the mafia boss.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
DMO6HF582LT August 19, 2022
MOA5HRSC18 August 14, 2022
LV2NKBJA1 August 25, 2022
4DEGTOWX2C5 August 10, 2022
QA3FVK6DY2ZI September 29, 2022
C17M6PWZAEO August 23, 2022

But it’s not just a specific job. In addition to the fact that you will carry out tasks and assignments on different cars, you will also have limited time. Agree, the time frame is not so simple. That is, you need not only to drive fast, but also to quickly cope with assignments. There will be several tasks in the game, going in sequence, and if you do everything right, you will earn a lot of good grades. For example, if you are instructed to transport valuable cargo in the back of a pickup truck, then this will need to be done as quickly and accurately as possible. Do not meet a certain time – it is better not to catch the eye of your boss. In fact, you just have to start the passage of the level again.

In the game Mafia Driver – Omerta you will appreciate the chic graphics and detailed drawing of cars. Atmosphere and diversity will reign at all levels. Pleasant soundtrack is also a good advantage of the game. In addition, the size of this game is small, so you can safely download it to your Android.

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