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In any school there have always been and will be decent children who diligently do their homework, go to extra classes and attend all kinds of circles. These children study excellently, dress neatly and are always present on honor boards or receive certificates of appreciation.

List of Cheats Expiration date
6WVOXKQ1A8U August 7, 2022
EQMBX46HFV August 9, 2022
4Y8DV1NTB September 2, 2022
ARNUY09DVOZ July 7, 2022
3ZD9FITV1UHJ August 7, 2022
J1FRABL3Q86 July 27, 2022

But the balance of good and evil has always existed, the good cannot exist without the bad, otherwise how to understand that it is good if there is nothing to oppose. Therefore, in every school there are always pranksters (-ts), who are set as an example to everyone, but only when they talk about something bad. Friendship with such children is usually called falling into “bad company”, and in the opinion of many does not lead to anything good.

In this game, we are talking about just such a confrontation. You have to choose a side, and this choice will determine whether you will be a good and diligent student, the pride of the school and the adoration of many guys, or whether you will become a damn cool and unimaginably bad girl, which, albeit secretly, but not a small number of guys from school dream about . Make your choice and start creating an image.

Create your own unique style by becoming a sultry witch or a soothing sorceress. Choose from a wide variety of outfits, dresses, skirts and pants. Choose your makeup and emphasize everything that should be noticeable.

And by the way, do not forget that you study at the school of magic, which means that you need a magic wand, and you have it. Use magic, complete quests, raise your reputation, save cute animals and become the queen of the school with Magic Descendants Good Vs. Bad

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