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Magic Rampage is a magical mobile arcade game that is always fun and exciting to play. She has already acquired a huge number of fans around the world and each of them enjoys passing more than a hundred levels.

Magic Rampage
Codes (2023 September) 5.9.5

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FB0J3G8SE4QNovember 14, 2022
QNV8M970A5December 10, 2022
DGHQM8L1ZDecember 9, 2022
NPHBS846CRLNovember 4, 2022
7S0RLVCMIU9YDecember 5, 2022
JW3EPZTXKF4December 3, 2022
IF64OBK7LZHDecember 3, 2022
J0IELGQ9H2November 3, 2022
ANOJYFIUWDecember 5, 2022
FBNXYJ8SIP6November 19, 2022
QZGPC6EYFTD9November 26, 2022
JPLNE60WU5MNovember 25, 2022

This dynamic action game will not let you tear yourself away from the game for a very long time. There is always something to do here, especially since you can play without an Internet connection. Collect the latest outfit for your main character and customize the look. It needs to be equipped with the most powerful weapons, from a huge katana to magic spells. Magic Rampage contains more than a hundred actual and very fun levels, which can be completed in different ways. Unlock new types of enemies here and weapons to use all of this to achieve the goal. Players will find a huge world in which magic and magic operate, as well as several different modes. Try to complete the original Magic Rampage campaign and enter the exciting survival game mode. At the end of each stage, battles with mighty Bosses will await you and this will be a memorable battle. Magic Rampage – an addictive magic arcade game Very soon, an incredibly cool game may appear on your mobile phone, corresponding in every sense to the classics of the genre back in the 90s, when there were only games on 16-bit consoles. Play them and enjoy so lively and original mechanics and graphics. In addition to the classic part, the game is also full of modern class updates that may surprise players. Moreover, if you want to immerse yourself in nostalgia in Magic Rampage, then you can connect a controller and play with it. Launch the gameplay in HD and see how colorful and alive the whole environment of this world and its many locations looks.

Download ( V5.9.5 )
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