Codes New - Updated on December 30, 2022

Do you want to play the role of a powerful character? If yes, then we recommend downloading Magic Siege – Defender for Android and immersing yourself in a new project from the studio AKPublish pty ltd. Your task is to protect your own castle. Protect him from the attacks of dangerous monsters. It just never will. You need to make every effort and prove that you are able to destroy everyone who gets in your way. Use your tactical thinking and a large arsenal of spells. Upgrade your spells, increase your power and kill the strongest monsters. Anyone can download the Siege of the Sorcerer (Magic Siege – Defender) for Android and get acquainted with some of the features of the project. Meet crowds of zombies, pay attention to cartoonish graphics and get used to interesting musical compositions. Magic weapons are different. It reaches six different types. Magic scrolls are also different. There are four of them. Choose what you like the most. Take part in confrontations, break into the game and try to protect your own island without any problems. Powerful Siege of the SorcererIn modern times, a lot of amazing strategies appear on mobile devices. Most of them are simple and do not attract the attention of ordinary users. But this game was created by talented developers, due to which it is considered one of the best in this genre. Cartoon graphics add interest, make the game relevant and more attractive. Fight against numerous rivals, destroy everyone who comes to you. We hope that everything will work out for you and you will download the game to your device. The map is very large, so you can dive for a long time.

All Codes Expiration date
UR09JHV6EY3 January 7, 2023
DS8WLI5K0A February 23, 2023
VTXO3QCNS December 30, 2022
O7TWMGC4DYQ February 27, 2023
NA6FS8HQC1ZU February 13, 2023
60V4RKGHZ7B February 15, 2023
5DUGCHT4OMI February 2, 2023
239KLM81BU January 20, 2023
BXA3SQRV1 February 25, 2023
B4VRO5IQ8XF January 13, 2023
CBHNV9GRF5D0 February 14, 2023
8R9SWAOQUM0 February 10, 2023

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