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From the minds behind Magic: The Gathering comes Magic Spellslingers, a fast-paced strategic card battler with heroes as distinctive as you. Play with heart! Command a Kraken! Fight from the shadows! Choose a Spellslinger who fits your playstyle and persona. Spellslingers is your gateway to the world of Magic. Sharpen your skills with challenges for every first-time mage and battle-tested veteran alike. Leap into the wrestle at dwelling or on the go, and slice by your opponents with fast-paced matches which may be simple to pick up and fulfilling to understand.

Magic Spellslingers Mod APK 1.03.4644.201840

It is a fun game. Kind of like Magic the Gathering in mobile but, simpler version of it. Definitely a must try game for TCG Magic the Gathering player. There is still view bugs on the game and i suggest for the developers to keep the app updated for player's great experience . Overall it is fun experience playing this game.. There are a lot of problems with balancing in this. Particularly flying. Late game there's a lot of players that use that key word. And of course there's the combos that outplay you early game and there is no way you'll see it coming. This is not fun late game! I found myself losing for very silly reasons in platinum ranks. Whether it be or some overpowered card I didn't even know existed or my opponent got lucky and randomly pulled exactly what they needed. I cannot recommend this game.. The game is rigged to push players to spend money. I will not be surprised if this ends up like mana strike. It's a decently good game. My only issue is I'm on about a 4 hour loss streak which is probably a 20 or 30 game loss streak since im just matching against people with my mythic cards than I own in my collection. I'm a paid player btw. Just matchmaking and p2w a bit much. Events still need work. Lackluster at best. I'm trying to give the game a chance but its not easy. Gold should be bumped up a tad for missions. Its definitely pay to win like all card games. I use Adguard and this game will not work when its active. The only app to have this problem, all other games work fine. It's not nice when during my winning turn the interface stops working and I can't play cards. Won't allow me to play a spell as soon as my turn starts, I had to force close and reconnect in time when it let me play the 1st part of a 2 part spell. Still wouldn't let me play the 2nd part that would win me the match, then after attack and not winning, it let me play it 2nd part.

Linking to Google account does not work. Game flickers for a moment then buttons become unresponsive.. It's great up until it freezes. Would be better but the wait for others to move is to long could you make it shorter for the game to move along. Sometimes they wait on purpose because people think game froze or just don't want to wait for 3 mins a move we leave they win it's kinda a no brain strategy. 2023 edit: now five stars since they're free to play experience has been much better than I anticipated and better than other card games, especially hearthstone or MTG arena. The game is now balanced. Edit: F2P experience is crippled, there should be faster ways to earn the mythics that are nearly essential for playing some planeswalkers, like wizard class for blue PWs. MTG costs too much for me to play anymore. I don't want this to be the same.. If I lose a match I can leave but if I win I can't ? I have to close the application everytime..

Not too much different than magic the gathering, it's just dulled down a little but it's a pretty solid game so far. I loved magic the gathering and I think this is pretty close but easier to understand what's going on for those without an understanding of MTG, (plus a few additives like abilities) the tutorial is set up nice I suppose, but I'm gonna have to play more to give a real review. Like most games they always ask you to rate it after a few minutes of playing . Y'all really need to do something about flying. In regular MTG it's fine because there's a LOT of things to counter it. But in this there's not so you have to build your deck in order to counter it. Which contradicts a lot of the recipes in the game and makes it a lot less fun to play. I've lost so many games because someone had flying on all of their creatures and I had no counter to it. I have spells that can destroy creatures but I only have so many of them. Definitely nerf flying.. Artwork is amazing easy to catch on to. This is a Good game with great graphics, music, great collection of cards and free to play but it hangs a lot. Several times of is not able to connect to network even when we have good stable network. And when it connects, after every Duel, it gets disconnected again. There is no option to reconnect within game or to go to main screen. You have to restart the game and go back to where it stopped. Please fix this annoying issue. Long time magic player but this is by far entertaining and with all the new rules that the original game comes with this is a breath of fresh air.

This is the actual perfect blend of Hearthstone and Magic that everyone describess all the other card games out there as.. A great, quick, easy to pick up mini MTG entry game. I'ts a mix of magic/hearth stone/and shadowverse. If you any of these games, you'll enjoy this one. It may take a while to get cards to actually maid a deck, but training does count towards achievements, so you can safely not have to go up against wales in order to progress/play calmly.. Interesting spin on MTG, fun so far.. I love the game and concept I would play it more if it didn't crash all the time. The negative reviews are hilarious.. people who don't understand the crafting system, people salty that they aren't winning every match from the start.. The devs actually listen. The game is not pay to win, they have a mitigation system so you only draw dupes if you already have all of the cards of one type (common, rare etc) Bugs are far less common (but still exist) Devs balance cards and currently not one single deck is overpowered. Deck crafting is the most fun part, try it. Best game..

The game locks up after every match for me and has to be force closed and reopened. The animations still work, and I can emote, but the game doesn't end the match and I can't interact with anything else or even open the menu. It's also extremely laggy in matches on my moto g stylus 2021 model. "Oh hey you just got done with training? Cool! Now immediately play against basement dwelling f***s that spend their grandma's money on better stuff than you." - Whoever made this game. Balance is a word that exists and also a word the people behind this game have never heard of. You shouldn't be playing a person out of the gate who dropped like $400 dollars on this game. Like we get it, you don't have to pay rent in grammys basement bro. Sadly I was kinda digging the gameplay in this game.. It's fun but it's kinda ugly ngl Edit: not sure how but they had a clean slate and still managed to make blue the most busted color. Way to really reinvent the game. It's the same meta as it's always been. Progression is extremely slow as well, very pain to win.. Perfect for hearthstone lovers and those who want to get into magic but think it's too late. Port arena to my phone you bastards.

FAR better than earlier versions of Magic (in my opinion). Great job!. In the intro tutorial and my first three training matches, the game wouldn't properly exit the match after the opponents HP was reduced to zero. I had to force close the app, restart it and try again. With this bad of a bug in each of my first 4 matches, this game feels DOA unfortunately.. Good pacing , reminds me of hearthstone. Game crashes often and makes it unplayable.. Cool spin on Magic. Would def recommend I'd you like or play magic already. Easy enough to learn also if you are new..

Just started the game today but honestly it's pretty fun so far. Alot of the things I dislike about the actual card game have streamlined here.. It keeps saying disconnected! I'm not sure what to do tried Uninstaling this and re installing. It keeps failing to connect?. Crashed mid tutorial. Fine though, I didn't really want to play Hearthstone the Gathering anyway.. The game is still relying to much on rng mechanics, the balance on "drafted" cards seems quite off. Archetype choices seem low and not balanced quite yet. Less rng less bugs and the game would be great. Its super fun in spite the flaws but seriously tone done the rng cards, just because its digital doesnt mean we need to make every card do something at random. Still incredibley off balance and blue walkers take forever to play againsy as they get to much time.. Freezes on any loading screen, currently stops before game even starts. Unplayable..

It's a tcg, with fancy graphics. Good enough for me.. I love this game so much But i got very bored playing with this game thats all. It's a magic game...but doesn't follow same rules a nice change thou so 3 star. Removed most of the interaction via instants. Yes this reduced complexity but was one of the details that made mtg good. Add in horrible imbalance between cards (particularly versus starter cards) you're either paying to win at the start or you have a huge slogfest of losses until you net deck your way to victory. Why bother. Doesn't seem to have a draft/ limited mode (or I just didn't get there) so there is no point in playing the game.. Do you like magic the gathering and also play hearthstone? Or maybe you like hearthstone but want slightly more complexity and hero choice? Great, then this game is for you..

Pretty fun, I like the mechanics.. I want to rate this game higher but one of the biggest bugs I'm coming across is the fact that I cannot end a duel I can play it out and enjoy my time or when it comes down to me winning the game just sets there on the battle screen and does nothing past the point of the opponent reaching zero health and because of that I cannot continue to play without closing the game and reopening it and that causes a huge issue. How can I find this game on my phone. I spent money on this game like an idiot, TLDR I tried to link to steam after spending and found out it apparently just doesn't work, and the devs know without ever fixing it.. Game is simply not ready. Seemed like it has a lot of potential but I cannot get past the loading screen now despite having tried the usual fixes. Maybe I'll pick this back up later, but this needs a ton of work to gain a better rating. Very disappointing.

Never played a more rigged game in my life.. every single battle is not possible and even when given the lead they somehow manage to pull exactly what they need while you get stuck with nothing.. Absolutely retarded gameplay. Just pushed me away from coming back until the game is fixed to a manner that's fair to play.. Every single match.. not just like one or two but every single one how convenient... waste of time and actually pretty aggrevating after you realize how bad they cheat.. Why would I want to play this when arena exists?. This is wotc's newest secret lair: hearthstone.. Still very buggy. Loaded in, went to train and killed the opponent and the game froze.. I just started, but it's definitely fun so far! It's similar to Hearthstone. I'll update my review after I've played it more..

Quick to pick up and ready to learn. Nice change of pace from the original MTG.. Kinda brainless if cards are unavailable... Yeah nope... Match making big time.. Need a way to report ppl sitting on the timer for every turn and choice they make. Good game has potential to be more. This is pay-to-win garbage. Don't waste your time..

I like that it's a wizards of the coast produced game. Being an ex MTG player it does the job in tickling my mind to create different kinds of decks to beat other players with. Surely this will only get better once more cards comes out.. My only request is to keep it balanced! Also, give more options to grind resources to craft cards.. Better than broken hearthstone and most ccgs. Still a little early for me to fully judge as I'm only level 11, but it's been fun so far.. Poorly implemented. Any game loosely based on magic that forces you to play as a deck you aren't a fan of (red) until you can unlock more is just poor design. If I have to not like a game for the first three hours, I am not going to continue.. Honestly, as a huge magic fan this is severely disappointing. The game is way to similar to hearthstone and in my opinion that does it better than this. This feels like a dumbed down version of magic which is the opposite of what magic has to offer. The keys to unlock other planeswalkers take way too long to unlock. Would've had a better opinion of wotc if I hadn't played this. 2 stars cause I know wotc has better potential than this.. Amazing abit more funny and the gameplay is great.

Hey I'm loving the game and I know it's still being worked through, don't be discouraged with the 3 stars. But it won't end a match for me. It just sits there after I reduce the ai to 0 health and I gotta shut it down and reopen it for it to process. Looking forward to updates where it's patched, I'm digging the game.. I like game very more good and very Super fun and Super very cool . Is this hearthstone with magic cards?. Good game but sometimes can't leave battle screen after a victory. My only issue is that I have to restart the app after every fight.

The game was fun. The more complex it gets the harder it is to balance and then you get what you have now. Tefari Jayce and many others either stall you to death with control decks countering every card you possibly play. Or you get lucky and you get rushed by most other slingers. There are exceptions tho, sometimes you get out valued by liliana instead where you never gain the upper hand. You either have to troll with control or mindlessly rush people with chandra/domri decks. Thx but no more.. Zero stars won't let me load in ?. the commantary for this game makes me angry i dont want to hear this garbage whytf did you drop magic mobile it was way better money hungry higher ups limiting the distribution piss me off. It may not be Friday night MTG but boy can this get addictive!. A buggy mess. Yet another broken product from wizards..

I can't even tell if this game is good or trash because I crashes during the tutorial every time I start it.. Bugs out the wazoo. Unless you specifically want the mtg branding, hearthstone is a much more refined version of this exact thing. A fun and easy way to learn how to play Magic, and easier on your phone's processor than Arena.. Can't get past tutorial without it crashing :/ At least Hearthstone is playable. Great game. More cartoony than I'd expect from wizards.

Been playing MTG for years and this game is awesome!. I haven't been able to get in since this last update. Was a fun game, never had an issue, but now it just force closes itself. My favorite MTG game (and I've played Arena). Sadly it doesn't reconnect properly when I had bad signal, it just stuck there without "Network Reconnecting" message. When you fixed this, I'll give higher rating!. not enjoyable at all and laggy. I think it's fun and gives personality to the regular magic plains walkers...this is a great companion to MTG.

Animations and Spellslinger art/animation could be better but this game is definitely fun.. Move the end turn button higher I've lost mannny games because I have fat fingers. Plz. Hearthstone style MTG game nice idea and well executed. Had a few bugs where I cannot play a card but I screen swap to another app then comeback to my match and it fixes it.. Game is great. Don't have to use real money to collect all cards. One issue only.. can't close the app using the back button.. always had to force close the app. Keep updating devs.. Game problem was fixed. Thanks for support. Nice game..

Game stopped functioning after a couple of months. Customer service was zero help. Massive update did nothing to help.. Honestly not bad, ftp friendly and a lot of bugs have been fixed. Pretty fun.. It's the same as magic basically without the land mana building. Love that, but the screen planning out from the victory screen it doesn't cycle into it stays playing the animation for during the duel. Aside from that it's still too early for me to tell. Once the big gets fixed I'll have to revise my review but I did want to bring it to your attention. Take care, and love to see what you'll be adding next.. I started playing this game once i became aware of it and it feels like being in a special little club. For some reason Wizards doesn't push it, but it's really fun! A lot of the things i didn't like about HS are different here, but you get the same fast paced games with a lot of MTG callbacks and redesigns that are clever. Give it a shot!. Issues with installation. I will try again later and alter my review when the bug is fixed..

Fun game. But constant crashes and bugs in matches. Then it updates and will not install the update. Even after uninstalling now the game refuses to install. Phone manufacturer says its either google play or the game itself. Dont bother with the 2 gig download and 5 minute loadup time. Just updated, won't start now. 22 ultra. Very good game. Think Hearthstone style, but more like magic the gathering. It's basically MTG, but tweaked so it works better for online play. Mana is consistent in the early game, with optional land choices to replace your mana gains after a certain turn.. It only lacks a donation counter for guild members, it makes all the difference to track unhealthy players. Also, correct the bugs more frequently :). This is an excellent mobile card game for casual play. It uses lore from MtG and a few keywords but the game is completely different. It seems a bit too easy to play for free and has no ads, so it might have a problem with not enough monetization. Hopefully it stays active and fun..

Game good, hope lightning helix and fiendslayer paladin are in here. I hope this game gets more developer support. I prefer it to regular MTG. Less randomization around mana, and faster battles. Also simpler rules makes it require less time investment to play this game well. But I've still found it allows creative deck building, and thoughtfulness during play. Just hit Mythic league today. Seems most the bad bugs have been fixed. But could benefit from more features (player profiles, leaderboards?), and card balancing.. Not to bad so far. Seems quick and easy to understand. The different creatures, spells, traps, and artifacts allow for fun and unique combinations.. It has potential. Would be nice to use custom decks in training to see if they're worth using. Single player campaign would be nice, not every game has to be pvp especially when it's pay to win. Load times are a bit long. Needs to be easier to change your deck.. Can't actually comment on the quality of the game because it just stays at the loading screen forever after authenticating. I'm clearly not the only one running into these kinds of fundamental issues, and it's honestly unbelievable you'd release something this broken..

Fun game, but when I'm having network issues, my opponent will attack me when I'm high on Life and instantly win the game. Fix now!!. Could never get passed opening screen. Kept popping up with an error saying it was unable to connect to internet. Tried with and without WiFi to same result.. Apparently no QA in this game, it's ridiculous how each update has something broken. I'm losing all my interest in this game how awful it is right now. It's embarrassing a company this having these issues. I dont recommend starting.. 1 star again, because of the lacking balance of the game... It is not serious to let Jayce to be so easy and OP, the draw and win deck should be deleted at all, or the mechanics of the artifacts should be totally reworked, it is not serious to have so easy to win deck, it is totally unfair, I,m Diamond and just having Jayce against me all the time, and it's insulting to be beaten by peolple who cannot think at all and just draw cards to win.... I like it, it is MTG meets Hearthstone!.

RNG IS TRASH. Whatever idiot dev created the "rng" needs to be blacklisted. This game very clearly gives favored card draw to people that spend money. The more you spend the better your card draw is and the worse your opponents is.. Game keeps closing otherwise this game would be legit. First makes you download 400 MB of data, then makes you login with an account, then makes you accept TOS, and when they go through with a stable internet connection, BAM, it gives error that there is a problem with the internet connection. No, the only problem here is you, the developer, who make a mess of the only thing that you were supposed to do right. Give the damn error before you make me download 400 MB. Idiocy at its best. Avoid like the plague.. Does not let you use display name you chose and just tweaks what you ask for instead of giving chance to try again.. Just getting started! But it's a fun twist on the MTG universe.

Unskipable mandatory tutorial. Game design 101 seriously.. Don't play! More play to win from Wizards. Enough said!. A game to play if you expect to lose often and have all your progress reset at every single update. Reinstalled this game after a few months away to discover that I'd lost all my purchases as well. How fuuuuun! (Not). I've never played this type of game, but I'm finding it fun and addicting.. It was good until the updates ever since the updates the game menu navigations became almost unusable and the game will randomly crash. Need to take out the card that let's you win if your out of cards in your deck pretty annoying.

Thank you for putting this game on Google play its addictive and fun. META Game is awful. You have a card game where top tier decks incentivise no player interaction, and the goal is to deck yourself out. Not even deck out your opponent. Deck YOURSELF out. Developers created a monster and I can't imagine it gets better from here, which is sad since games not involving Jace (or Tefari for that matter) are actually pretty enjoyable.. There seems to be problem connecting to the Internet every single time startup the app.... Dogshit game, don't bother. Ever since release there have been bugs that will cost you games in pvp. Of course they never happen during games against the AI though. This game is just frustration after frustration, like everything WotC does. Save yourself the money and headache, not even worth playing for free.. Sits on loaf screen and won't move disappointed.

UPDATE I GIVE THIS -5 STARS CONTINUAL MATCHED WITH ELITE PAID FOR DECKS IN BOTH LEAGUE AND EVENT MODE. YOU CAN TELL THEIR PAID DECKS AS TO CRAFT THEIR CARDS YOU NEED 1200 GEMS EACH. FIX YOUR MATCH MAKING. OH REWARDS STILL SUCK.Took Me about 30 minutes to reach lvl 8 AFTER THAT continously lost to decks far superior PAY TO PLAY when you reach that area. Don't bother rewards are few and you get 7 packs for a whole week. Maybe you should have spent more time on balancing matches vs the schematics.. It is so much fun and enjoy playing this game. But the game suddenly can't play and always stuck at the loading screen. I think the game got a lot of bugs, hope they can fix it as well.. Fun, fast paced version of MTG. Simple yet fun and very much still feels like Magic. There's a huge really bad bug everytime my opponents realize they are going to lose they leave the match.. and it FREEZES EVERYTIME!!! I'm not getting completion rewards.. Eternal phoenix's miracle did not activate on initial draw..

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