- Updated on September 5, 2022

Discover the significance behind the Idol’s hard work. Only a specific person can unlock the behind-the-scenes mysteries. Come exactly to the music paradise where you will present your experience. There won’t be any strings attached, just trying to get the right thing. Organize a great plan in your splendor. Do not deviate to achieve results.

Magic Star Codes

Simply making it easier to profit from sweet melodies. Moreover, it allows you to improve yourself higher than ever. Now let’s explore this imaginary world. A magnificent game with extreme aesthetics that you simply depend on. Test your function with the rising music path. Overcome the ups and downs along with your ambitions. The simplest of all. Experimenting with a variety of real-world actions is only possible in the personal world. Register quickly to gain the latest foothold on the server.

Magic Star

Music heaven for players

In case you are a lover of vocal melodies. Then this could be the world you were prepared for. Just right here, you can feel the full essence of the sound. Freedom to play and feel from the window of your soul. Buy and create your favorite music. Create options in your character’s outfit inventory.

Versatile and comfortable clothes

Tons of costumes inside. Guaranteed to make you dizzy when choosing. Accumulate resources to develop into a famous collector. Get exquisite and special outfits. To reward yourself for your efforts in the teaching process. Or take part in the thrilling game of designing your dress.

Many game modes to experience

Select the character you want to experience. Sing and dance skillfully to assemble the stars. Each type of game has a variety of rewards for buyers. Allows you to unlock or buy clothes. Get a fee like a precision artist in the precision world. Furthermore, it can intermingle with completely different private communities. It’s useful to the buyer, isn’t it?

The download hyperlink can be obtained slightly below. Just get ready to hit download on any platform. Every regular platform Android and IOS supports this game.

Download ( V1.1.0 )
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