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This is the most ordinary classic mahjong, which is complemented by incredible tasks and a bunch of cool story scenarios. When you can download Mahjong: Treasure Search for Android, start going through a huge number of amazing missions for this puzzle and feel how exciting the plot is here along with extraordinary characters who are also looking for treasures and wealth in this unique world. Embark on a magical world to meet adventures and heroes that make the game diverse and truly exciting. You have to ride through a huge number of different countries and collect your mahjong there. As soon as you decide to download Mahjong: Treasure Hunt for Android, start solving many exciting puzzles and story interweaving. Engage in collecting treasures and riches to defeat the main Boss. She is an evil witch named Eris, and they will constantly try to interfere with your ideal path to the passage of the game process. Try to solve the main mystery of this fantasy world and finally, help Sophie solve the riddle that will give an answer about the whereabouts of her parents. Go on a treasure hunt The player will need to improve their own tactics and strategy in order to get to the discovery of new items of bonus value. They include a variety of boosters and mysterious items. More than a thousand unique levels will give the player pleasure and enjoyment from which the mood rises. Win bonuses and rewards to move further up the pinnacle of success. You are waiting for constant meetings with new heroes of this story. Complete quests that appear weekly and take part in competitions with your friends. Enjoy every gaming moment and have fun.

Mahjong Treasure Hunt
  MOD APK (Free Unlocked)

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