APK - Updated on January 23, 2023

Math puzzles are always an occasion to test your intelligence. In Make7! Hexa Puzzle you will see a playing field with hexagons with numbers. Each of them has its own meaning. If you combine at least three of these figures, you get a new value, because this is the task of the player. You will need to think carefully to get the value “7”, because this will mean that the level is passed! The principle of turning figures is simple – if there are three ones nearby, then they turn into one block with a value of “2” and so on. If three sevens appear on the field, they will disappear, and new hexagons will appear in their place.

Make7: Hexa Puzzle  MOD APK (One Hit) 23.0116.00

Do not rush to act – before taking the next step, you will sometimes have to think carefully, otherwise you risk ending up in a dead end. If there is a difficulty, then you can use your assistant in the form of a special urn. She will eat a chip on the playing field that prevents you from reaching your goal.

Management in Make7! Hexa Puzzle is very simple – you either click and rotate on click or just drag and drop. And if it’s not immediately clear how to play, the training mode will help. And when you become a fairly experienced player, then it’s time to call your friends and compete with them in who can show the best results. Understanding the meaning of the game and even achieving some success in it is easy, but becoming a real professional is quite difficult, so do not forget to hone your skills if you want to win!

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