Codes New - Updated on November 30, 2022

Man vs Zombies is an 8-bit hardcore pixel hack that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Here you have to survive in very harsh conditions, fighting with countless army of the walking dead. In addition to them, there are others who want to kill you, so be vigilant. Management in the game is nowhere easier, the graphics leave much to be desired, but this is not necessary here, because all the shortcomings of the project are more than covered by its dynamics and addictive gameplay. Just get ready to destroy everything that moves, because there is no other way to survive here.

Man vs Zombies
 Gift Codes (2023 January) 1.1.6
All Codes Expiration date
XR7EW01D8J5 January 26, 2023
QMS3EPVGY8 December 3, 2022
MURS28H3G December 3, 2022
VBA3UQGT0ZH January 24, 2023
TDUQXVK5PI2J December 7, 2022
5NVRMS146CG December 4, 2022
EP947GIMVRJ December 30, 2022
UB7VXCIAPM January 15, 2023
CE980NLF4 January 5, 2023
8CUF0GM4WH9 January 18, 2023
AC0WSM4FJHY2 January 2, 2023
KDZHMIUSNE6 December 31, 2022

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