APK - Updated on July 7, 2022

For those who want to relax after a busy day, we recommend a rather calm game in the form of a coloring book Mandala Coloring Book. The game has many beautiful drawings that you need to color using the entire palette of colors offered. There are also some household items here: a piano, a pumpkin, women’s shoes, and even letters of the alphabet. All of them are drawn only as graphics and covered with an openwork grid of patterns.

List of Cheats Expiration date
CTW72YHMJV4 August 3, 2022
ROSCK86Y30 July 31, 2022
59X8YKQVW August 15, 2022
OMFRVWPA39I July 25, 2022
B7AO206SKN4X July 28, 2022
AGTNYZP9247 August 4, 2022

Players need to color all this, choosing in turn the colors that they consider suitable for a particular drawing. There are also images in the form of flowers and hearts. For example, what colors you paint the drawing with a heart in will indicate what your inner world is like at the time of the game, since this mandala symbolizes love. If you choose dark tones for coloring the heart, this will indicate big problems in heart affairs. If it is the other way around, it will show you that love and joy live in your heart.

Mandala Coloring Book develops artistic taste, and also gives certain knowledge and skills in harmonizing colors in coloring drawings. Everyone will find their own in it. This is a kind of course for a beginner artist. The game is especially useful for people with high levels of anxiety and irritability. Elderly people can play this game to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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